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Vote For San Francisco Landmarks!

Today we are releasing a list of 50 special locations in San Francisco, and from that list players will be able to vote on which locations they believe should be considered SF Landmarks.

As a refresher, here’s how Landmarks will work in Upland:

“Landmark structures can be used as residences or businesses, similar to other buildings in Upland, but they will always keep their unique original facade. When it comes to businesses, you’ll still be able to run any kind of you want on a Landmark. Of course, since a Landmark will be visually distinct, it will be far more likely to get interested visitors and customers. Each Landmark will also be tagged on the map.”

For more information on Landmarks, check out our original post.

You’ll be able to vote with your visits! To voice your opinion, simply visit the locations (from the list) you think should be listed as Landmarks. You can visit as many Landmark candidates as you like, but only unique visits will count. The top 15 locations with the most unique visits will become San Francisco Landmarks.

In order to reduce bias in the voting, we will be resetting the send fees of every property on the list to 20UPX. Players will be able to change their visit fee back, if they so choose. We will revert all send fees to their previous state once voting ends.
Voting starts at 1pm PT Friday and ends at 1pm PT Monday.

Bonus: All players who vote exactly 5 times (for 5 different Landmarks) and end up voting for at least 3 properties that become Landmarks (properties that are top 15 in the votes), will receive the new Voter Badge, which will then appear on their player profile.

In addition to becoming Landmarks, the top 10 properties will also be featured in an upcoming SF Landmark Tour!

Remember, these won’t be the only Landmarks in SF. We have reserved a number of special properties, as well as structures that will become Monuments.

The Landmark Voting List

  1. Sales Force Tower 101 01st st
  2. Painted Ladies (710–722 Steiner St, unique visits to all painted ladies will be consolidated and counted as one landmark)
  3. Transamerica Pyramid (600 Montgomery St)
  4. Union Square (220 Geary St)
  5. SFMOMA (151 3rd St)
  6. California Academy of Science (55 Music Concourse Dr)
  7. Contemporary Jewish Museum (736 Mission St)
  8. de Young Museum (50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr)
  9. Old Mint (88 5th Street)
  10. Mission Dolores Basilica (310 Dolores St)
  11. Mission San Francisco de Asís (320 Dolores St)
  12. Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral (660 California St)
  13. Bank of California Building (400 California St)
  14. Saint Patrick’s Church (748 Mission St)
  15. Audiffred Building (1 Mission St)
  16. Bayview Opera House (4701 03rd St)
  17. Custom House (555 Battery St)
  18. Colonial Dames Octagon House (2645 Gough St.)
  19. Solari Building (468 Jackson St)
  20. Bank of Lucas, Turner & Co. (800 Montgomery St)
  21. Old Fire House, Engine 22 (1348 Tenth Ave)
  22. Ghirardelli Square (851 Beach St)
  23. Columbus Tower (900 Kearny St)
  24. Feusier Octagon House (1067 Green St)
  25. Dennis T. Sullivan Memorial Fire Chief’s Home (870 Bush St)
  26. Donaldina Cameron House (920 Sacramento St)
  27. Nightingale House (201 Buchanan St)
  28. Transamerica Building (4 Columbus Ave)
  29. Roos House (3500 Jackson St)
  30. Haslett Warehouse (680 Beach St)
  31. Flood Mansion (1000 California St)
  32. V.C. Morris Building (140 Maiden Lane)
  33. California Historical Society (2090 Jackson St)
  34. Mills Building (220 Bush St)
  35. Bush Street Temple (1881 Bush St)
  36. San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center (301 Van Ness Ave)
  37. San Francisco Art Institute (800 Chestnut St)
  38. Orpheum Theatre (2 Hyde St)
  39. Koshland House (3800 Washington St)
  40. Castro Theatre (429 Castro St)
  41. State Armory and Arsenal (333 14th St)
  42. Julius’ Castle (300 Greenwich St)
  43. Flood Building (870 Market Street)
  44. Flatiron Building (540 Market Street)
  45. Phelan Building (750 Market Street)
  46. Federal Reserve Bank Building (301 Battery St)
  47. Royal Insurance Building (300 Pine St)
  48. Hobart Building (582 Market Street)
  49. The PacBell Building (140 New Montgomery)
  50. Hallidie Building (130 Sutter Street)

As usual, join the Upland Discord to discuss, strategize, and get advice!

Good luck, and happy voting!




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