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Welcome to Property Development!

The newest release of the Upland app — Bellini 1 — is now available! Bellini 1 comes with a host of new features including:

  • The Structure NFT (UNFT)
  • Enhanced Graphics Mode
  • Expanded Coloring Options
  • Collaborative Construction
  • Structure NFTs in Asset Wallet
  • Google Auth Support

Rebuilding the World

Property Development is a new feature in Upland that will allow players to build different types of structures on their properties. Ultimately, these structures will be utilized for player homes, businesses, and so much more! While the initial rollout for Property Development will only include a select number of models for construction, there is much more to come, including a variety of custom models for Landmarks!

What is Spark?

Spark is the currency that will be used to enable the minting of new types of NFTs in the Upland metaverse. This includes all inanimate objects such as structures (which are introduced in this release), outdoor decor items, and more.

Spark Hours

Each structure NFT has been priced in “Spark Hours” (aka — SpH) and max Spark stake (aka — USPK) and has an expected number of living units that will be able to be associated with it once Upland home experiences launch. This directly translates into the number of hours required to build a structure per exactly 1 Spark. See the chart below for reference on initial model pricing in SpH. These details are subject to being modified, and we will be monitoring the economic aspects of Spark utilization during this initial rollout period and beyond, to gauge whether adjustments need to be made.

It’s important to keep in mind that unlike casual builder games where you may expect construction to be light-speed fast, the Upland metaverse boasts a real economy that is modeled after the real world (albeit slightly sped up, as reflected with travel). This is why building structures in Upland takes a lot of time and resources.

Note: the details above are subject to modification during and after the rollout period

Release Details

Our goal for the initial rollout of Property Development is to verify that all of our new smart contracts and NFTs are functioning as intended on the EOS mainnet, and to have players finalize as many structure NFTs as possible during the rollout period. We highly encourage participants to coordinate with their peers to get as many structures completed as possible!

Players who participate in the initial rollout will be eligible to earn the Collaborator Badge. The badge will be awarded to the top 10 players who contributed the most SpH to other players’ projects. Players who are not part of the initial rollout will have more chances to win this badge at later stages.

Note: Development on some properties such as Landmarks, Terminals, and some excluded properties will not be available for construction just yet. We will have more information regarding these specialized properties soon.

We are incredibly excited to get these new features into the hands of our amazing Upland community. Thank you all for your support thus far, we look forward to building the future of the Upland Metaverse together!

Check out our recent AMA where we demo property development:



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