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Who is the Evol Explorer?

Oct 29, 2020 · 3 min read

Miles has been trapped.

Who did it?!
How did they do it?!

Miles’ success in pioneering the expansion of Upland has sown the seeds of jealousy in the hearts of a few digital entities. As we learned in the SF Heist several months ago, there are villains and evol doers lurking in Upland, waiting for their opportunity…

It would appear that Miles’ attacker utilized the cover of Halloween to plan his capture. He’s trapped somewhere in the haunted house, but luckily the Upland team was able rally the community in an effort to reveal Miles’ whereabouts.

While Miles is missing, it’s up to the clever community of Upland to solve the mystery of who attacked Miles.

Security footage shows there were 5 unknown block explorers present at the time of Miles’ capture. However, the power was temporarily knocked out while Miles was setting up his haunted house decorations, and that is when our villain took the opportunity to attack Miles from behind. We know that no one has left the building, so Miles must be trapped inside.

Looking through the security footage, the Upland team has determined that there are 20 video clues that will help the Upland community identify the attacker.

The clues have been spread across different haunted house experiences that Miles was setting up. When a player visits Miles’ haunted house, they will see one of these 20 experiences. The community will need to work together to determine which Block Explorers have a clean alibi, and eliminate the involvement of potential weapons in Miles attack.

Each clue will be the same haunted house experience, with small scene differences between them. You will see the suspect block explorers and weapons lined up. Be sure to make a list so you can check off the suspects as their innocence becomes apparent.
You will then be taken through a scene where there will be a hidden block explorer and a hidden weapon (or two). This is the alibi for that explorer and weapon. Take note of these suspect items and join the community on Discord and Twitter, where Uplanders will be working together, sharing clues and theories, to solve the mystery of who captured Miles.

How do you win?

The clues will be made available Friday, October 30th at 4pm.
View your clue by visiting Miles Haunted House at 2130 3RD STREET (The pumpkin pin on the map).

The correct answer to this mystery is the explorer and weapon from the lineup who do not have an alibi (the explorer and weapon who do not have a scene showing them doing something else while Miles was captured).

Each player will get exactly one guess.

Answers to this mystery are due by Oct 31st at 4pm PT.
To submit your answer, use
this form.

Each player that gets the correct answer on their first attempt will receive a limited edition, commemorative, Halloween 2020 Evol Pumpkin block explorer. This explorer will be convertible to an NFT in the future, and tradable in and out of game. The minting of this block explorer will be limited to the number of players that get it correct. This means that the fewer players who get the mystery correct, the more rare the explorer. However, you will likely need to collaborate with 30+ players in order to be sure you have the right answers, based on the 20 different clues. The more information you can gather, the higher the likelihood that you’ll get the right answer! But be careful, some players may try to throw you off with fake clues and misdirection. So make sure you get your team together in advance to have the best shot at cracking this mystery!

Good luck, and Happy Halloween!

-The Upland Team

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