Failure. Is it an Option?

I had a short but phenomenal conversation in the gym last week, and it triggered some insight, a little self-evaluation, and a lot of reflection.

In my life, I’ve failed many times, but in each failure, I’ve fought to find successes. Why? Our company Run Your Gym has failed many times, (like epic failures, you need to read the story) but in each failure, we fought to find success. Why?

Because failure isn’t an option.

With each individual failure turned success, I’ve built confidence, a desire to be more successful, and the realization that if I want to succeed I only need to do one thing. And guess what? That one thing will determine the success of UpLaunch too. You’ll have to keep reading, I promise, we’ll get to that one thing.

Before we do let’s dive into some common themes I can identify when it comes to failure.

I gave myself permission to fail.

I’ll do better next time, I’m not feeling it today, it isn’t that important.

I let my ego impair my judgment which forced my failure.

It isn’t my fault, it isn’t fair, I didn’t get the same chance as others.

I got comfortable.

Someone else will take care of it, I’ll do it another day, it seems fine — why change it?

I could go on for a long time, but regardless of how long the list becomes the theme will remain the same, I, I’ll, me, my, I’m.

Seems pretty consistent right?

Drum roll… here is the single realization I need to be successful.

The only thing preventing my success is the image in the mirror.

I view myself as fortunate because at a young age I was forced into an unforgiving world, one fueled by hate, rage, fear, irrational behavior, and life or death consequences for failure. With roots in the military and fire service the entire UpLaunch team has literally fought, bled, and sweat, through similar experiences.

As I look in the mirror I carry that experience and I know what’s convenient, comfortable, easy, and sometimes the popular, probably isn’t right. I also know when I look in the mirror I need to respect, honor and love the person looking right back at me. I’m in control of my life and want to be at peace with that. As for UpLaunch we will get into building a powerhouse team another day but know that same mentality is multiplied throughout our team.

Everything in this world worth being successful at takes the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Every day we can wake up and choose to fail, or we can wake up and choose to be successful.

Regardless of the circumstances that surround us we are always in control — take action, take ownership, and be better people.

Is failure an option? No, it isn’t.