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Release Notes — April 20, 2018

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Customizable appointment notifications, upgrades to the contact listing page, and a better way to experience the new features that we’re shipping!


Hope everyone is doing well today! This set of release notes covers some killer improvements to appointment configuration and to the main contact list! Along with that, we’ve done a bunch of small tweaks and corrections, and have some cool stuff coming down the pipe as well.

Appointment Type Configuration

As the Platform notifications continued to evolve, we’ve gotten consistent feedback that some customization is necessary to ensure that UpLaunch complements your existing workflow.

The biggest thing we’ve heard is that many customers would prefer to disable the SMS appointment reminders and disable and/or customize the appointment reminder emails that go out.

Well…now you can :)

NOTE: Just like always, your appointment notifications are pre-configured and pre-loaded with content from your UpLaunch Partner. You don’t ever have to touch your Notifications page if you don’t want to.

Appointment Type Overview

Starting at the regular Appointment Settings screen (available to admins and managers only), you’ll notice a small change — instead of a simple Edit button, we now have an Actions dropdown item.

The Actions dropdown contains four choices: Edit, Notifications, Instructions, and Delete.


The Edit screen contains all of the configurable fields that you’re used to — appointment name, duration, assigned staff members, booking form selection, etc. Nothing has changed there.


This is the special sauce :)

On this page, you can customize or enable/disable all emails and SMS messages that are triggered when an appointment is booked.

NOTE: The staff email is always sent to the staff member who the appointment is booked with.

Each communication is organized by type (email or SMS) and recipient (client or staff).

You can simply click the Edit Email button to configure your content — using the same powerful UpLaunch email editor that you’re used to!

Same deal for SMS Messages — just click the Edit SMS button, and a small window will open that allows you to edit your notification.


The instructions page hasn’t changed either — it gives you some quick ideas about how to use your appointments, and provides you with the code snippets and landing page links for installing them.


Delete is…well, exactly what you would expect. Note that you can’t delete an appointment type that’s being used in an active funnel.

Contacts List

Alright, let’s be honest here — until we build a better Sort function, my decision to list the contacts in alphabetical order was pretty useless. If you knew their name…you would just type it into the search bar ;)

Contacts are now listed with the newest ones at the top. That also holds true after you apply a filter(s) — the newest contacts will be at the top of the filtered results.

In addition to that, we also made some visual updates as well as added the Quick Action Icons.

Quick Action Icons

You’ll see them on the right hand side of the below image:

You can now send a manual email, add a telephone note, or open the contact’s SMS inbox without leaving the list page.

So (for instance) — if you want to pull up all of your contacts in a specific segment or smart group and send them all a different SMS — you can now do that without clicking into each individual contact record!

Feature Release Tours

From here on out, when we release new features, we’ll put a one-time walkthrough in the affected areas! This will be available to all users of the UpLaunch platform, and will help ensure that nobody misses instructions about how things work!

The walkthrough tours will highlight specific elements of the page, such as in the example below:

On-Demand Help

We’ve also added another button to the top bar, right next to your User Menu — it’s a circular icon with a question mark, and will be your source to get help with the Platform.

It’ll always have a link to our docs as well as a link to our Help Dialogue, where you can submit support tickets.

However, in addition to that, we’ll be progressively adding on-demand product tours for specific areas of the Platform. When they are available, they’ll be in that menu as well under Platform Tours.

Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Next Touch Point date on a contact record was inaccurate after pausing and unpausing a campaign.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the search in the top bar of the Platform to stop working after taking specific actions (creating a task, for instance).
  • Added better feedback to a few forms to explain why a form submission is invalid.
  • Removed Branding Colors from the business branding, as we’re not currently using them.
  • Fixed an issue where certain campaign customization areas wouldn’t let a user revert from customized content back to default content.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some strange characters in task descriptions.



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