The Sum Of The Parts

The view from Little Round Top

I should start by saying that the UpLaunch team is coming off of an incredible week. There will be an official announcement coming soon, but we just had our first partner join the team, and the results are going to be insanely cool.

I guess I should briefly explain the business model.

How It Works

UpLaunch was started to support a specific mission — we exist to break down the barriers that stand in between business owners and elite marketers who can help them succeed. Never before has there been an organization that allows marketers to focus on the process of creating instead of details of implementing.

But this isn’t a sales pitch disguised as a blog post (because those suck). In fact, we don’t actually sell anything.

UpLaunch doesn’t have customers. UpLaunch has partners.

The way it works is that we partner with marketers who work in a specific vertical and host them for an in-person work session in Gettysburg, PA. During this session, we dig into every detail of their marketing strategy and cross-reference it with the capabilities of our software platform. And in the case of this past weekend, we find that we’re a great fit for each other and move forward!

The Sum Of The Parts

This isn’t really intended to be informational — it’s a reflection piece about the straight-up magic that happens when a great team comes together. The partner we met with last week works in an industry that is near and dear to our hearts, and one that we have deep first-hand familiarity with. Despite that, the amount of new ideas that were introduced, developed, refined, and implemented was astounding.

We talked a lot about what it’s like to feel isolated when you don’t have access to minds that challenge you, talked a lot about values, life goals, and ways to ensure that our businesses help as many people as possible, and a lot about food too (Gettysburg has a lot of great local restaurants, by the way).

We capped off our week with a visit to the various points of interest of the Battle of Gettysburg, where we were able to take time to reflect on history, sacrifice, leadership, and leaving a legacy for those who come after us.

Aristotle said that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and of course that quote rings true — although we’ve had a few good ideas individually, the power of our growing team is going to be epic. We can’t be any happier to have brought our first partner into the fold.

Great things are coming, and we’ll announce them soon.