Hacktoberfest 2017 — Bauchi Meetup

Hacktoberfest 2017 — Bauchi

On October 13, 2017, the first Hacktoberfest meetup in Bauchi was held at UpliftHub with 20 participants in attendance. 50 % of the participants were new to Git and 90% had never contributed to Open Source in any form.

The meetup started by introducing the participants to Git, how they can setup it up on their laptops (most of them are running Windows OS) and setting up a GitHub account.

A repository was setup on GitHub for participants to learn with, by creating their own forks of the project, adding their details to a file and submit a pull request. The repository contains a static website built with Nanoc and hosted on Netlify at https://plumber-duck-45333.netlify.com/.

Wondering what Hacktoberfest is?

Its a month long event in October, where contributors are encouraged to submit pull request to the favourite open-source projects on GitHub. You will also get a free t-shirt after creating 4 pull requests. Visit this page to learn more.

If you are looking to contribute to a project and can’t decide on which one, freeCodeCamp/guides is a good place to start and you can find a list of issues you can contribute to here.