Debitoor is our newest partner!

Have you heard of Debitoor? It’s a fantastic online invoicing and accounting service that lets you write offers and invoices, track your expenses, set up recurring invoices and much more. The really cool features are that you can connect it to your bank account and thereby automatically track when your invoices are paid, and that it lets you give access to your tax accountant so they can export everything they need directly into DATEV!

On top of that Debitoor has a powerful and well-documented API! I started using it for all invoicing of Uplink about a year ago, only after comparing the APIs of all online invoicing tools I could find, and Debitoor came out far ahead! Combined with their fair pricing I couldn’t be happier and have recommended them many times since.

This is why I’m especially proud to announce that Debitoor has partnered with Uplink to offer an exclusive discount to our members — you will receive 25% off any yearly subscription!

All you need is the discount code which can find in the “Partners” section of the Uplink Freelancer Backend!

Are you a freelance developer looking for new clients? Come join us! Uplink is a simple, fair and transparente alternative to classic IT recruiters!