Let’s move to Slack!

Manuel Meurer
Nov 27, 2017 · 3 min read

Up until now, our primary mode of communicating with our members (e.g., sending job offers, discussing details, sending invoices etc.) was via email. While email is simple and versatile, it also tends to get lost, deleted, ignored or marked as spam quite easily. Also, for one-liners (“Hey, did you invoice the client yet?”, “I’m not available until January”, “Please go ahead and introduce me.” etc.) email feels like overkill.

After deliberating for a few months what to do and investigating many of the available options, we’ve come to the conclusion that Slack is the best match for our use-case! Most of our members know it already from at least one of their clients, it’s slick and simple to use, and it has a powerful API, which lets us automate a lot of things. The advantages to our members are:

  • Messages from Uplink are no longer slumped together with a million other emails in your inbox.
  • You can easily look up previous job offers and conversations without rifling through old emails.
  • It allows us to “broadcast” new job offers (in addition to contacting specific freelancers individually) by simply posting them to a channel. For example, you can join the #jobs-fe-react channel to be notified of every new React.js job!

It’s important to note that you don’t have to hang out in Slack all day to make sure you don’t miss anything! Simply join the channels you want, set your notification preferences and you’ll be notified via email about new messages, just like before!

So this is how it’s going to work:

Existing members get an invitation from our Slack workspace to set up their profile in the next 1–2 weeks!

We want to make sure everything works well, so we will send out the invitations slowly in the beginning. Once all existing members are on board, we will flip a switch so that an invitation to Slack is automatically sent to each new member as soon as they join Uplink.

Join the job channels you are interested in to receive job broadcasts.

We will continue to contact the best matching freelancers for each job individually (via Slack instead of email from now on) but we will also — if we can’t find anyone who is available and interested immediately— post jobs to the relevant job channels. For example, if you want to hear about new Android jobs, join #jobs-mb-android. If you want to hear about all new mobile jobs (Android, iOS, React Native etc.), join #jobs-mb. To hear about all jobs in Berlin, join #jobs-berlin, and so forth. We will start with about 20 job channels and add/remove channels as we go along.

Join a location channel to chat with other developers in your city.

Apart from simplifying the way we tell our members about new job offers, the move to Slack also gives us the chance to let our members connect and talk with each other! Join #loc-berlin, #loc-hamburg, #loc-munich, or #loc-frankfurt to chat to Uplink members from those cities about local events, coworking spaces, companies etc.!

I’m sure that Slack will help us improve the way we communicate with you, our members, and I hope it will be the spark that will — over time — create a fantastic community of expert freelance developers all over Germany!

If you are tired of old-school IT recruiters spamming your inbox with nonsense project offers, join us! Your Slack invite is waiting for you! :)


The Network for IT Freelancers in Germany

Manuel Meurer

Written by

Developer, founder of @UplinkHQ



The Network for IT Freelancers in Germany

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