Afterschool Matters: Spending on Outside-of-School and Community Programs is Dollars and Sense

At UpMetrics, we’re concerned about the proposed budget cuts to AmeriCorps and 21st Century Community Learning Centers, and we want to do something about it.

Part 1: What’s happening

The cuts included in the federal ‘Skinny Budget’ proposal would eliminate funding for 1.16 million children, removing more than $1 billion from state budgets that now goes toward OST (outside-of-school time) programs via 21st Century Community Learning Centers, as well as AmeriCorps.

As proponents of youth and community development at the grassroots level, we are concerned about the potential repercussions of the proposed cuts. And, of course, we’re not the only ones noticing.

Part 2: What we’re doing about it

UpMetrics was founded with the purpose of empowering afterschool, youth, and community organizations to learn from their data, and become sustainable by leveraging those data to secure funding.

For the above reasons, we are working to build a community of afterschool and community providers, and empower them with the tools and data they need to get an accurate picture of what’s working, develop and improve programming, and ultimately acquire funding. That’s why we’re building our Knowledge Base here on Data for Good.

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