Fundraising for Athletic Departments, Part 3: Grant Writing

Follow these 9 steps to begin incorporating grant writing into your overall fundraising strategy.

Vinay Mullick
Jan 23, 2018 · 4 min read

UpMetrics Regional Executive Director and former Perspectives Charter Schools Athletic & Activities Director Vinay Mullick knows what it’s like to manage a comprehensive athletics program on a limited budget — fundraising plays no small part.

Grants can provide a great stream of revenue to athletic departments, but starting the process of writing a grant and meeting grant application deadlines can be cumbersome. Follow the steps below to begin incorporating grant writing into your overall fundraising strategy.

  1. Determine your needs: Have a good understanding of your funding challenges and what holes you need to fill.

Grants can provide a huge benefit to your athletic program. Identification of and applying for grants are the most challenging parts. Once your program becomes a grant recipient and benefits from the funds provided, you’ll get hooked and start thinking through a different lens when it comes to raising funds.

Grant Resources:

  • A great website for staff members to quickly post mini-grants for team needs. Grants can be funded through crowd sourcing or resources.

Professional Sports Teams:

The links below are examples of the donation process honored by most professional sports teams. These donations are great to use as raffle prizes or silent auction items at any fundraising event you are hosting:

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