What’s new in UpNote 3.8.2

In this latest version, we have added in some small improvements that have been frequently requested by our users.

The first one is ability to display active word count while typing. See more here.

Secondly, you can now save your searches, simply by clicking on the save search icon in the search box.

Your saved search will be display on the side bar as a filter under All Notes.

And finally, for those who want to keep a minimal and clean note space, you can now hide the side bar by clicking on the hamburger icon at the top left of the UpNote’s window.

We hope you will enjoy these little features and improvements. If you have any feedback do feel free to let us know at support@getupnote.com.

UpNote is a light and clean note-taking app which helps you stay organized and get focused on the right things. Download UpNote on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Windows.



UpNote is a clean and powerful note-taking app that helps you take notes quickly and get organized easily on all platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

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