Turn the Right Buttons to Launch your Subscription-Rocket

Your subscription rocket is ready to take-off. Have you remembered to turn on all the right buttons before going sky high? By connecting your “engine” aka subscription management system, to your core business operations such as ERP and CRM platform, you will fly higher and safely on your way to subscription-success.

In the blog post Build vs. Buy, we discussed whether you should build or buy your subscription management software. We hope that you made the decision to buy, giving you time to focus on your core business.

To launch a rocket into the subscription economy requires a solid platform to support the business and crew along for the ride. In this blog post, we help you define the bare minimum to support your subscription-rocket launch and more importantly, to scale safely when in-air.

“Houston, we are ready to take off!”

10, 9, 8… Ready, set, go
Turn on the engine of your subscription management system by simply starting to use the system as an operational system to handle your subscription. You don’t need any integrations to your current systems. Focus on getting the basic set-up ready. Make a quick start and set up the details for your subscription offering: 
- Define billing plan 
- Support/integrate with payment gateway(s) 
- Subscribe customers 
- Getting paid

Now you are ready to use the subscription management system — simple and much more effective than your old spreadsheets or paper accounting worksheets.

Make sure you have the right fuel to support your subscription-engine by utilizing the feature of integrating your current ERP-system to automate invoicing?

7,6,5… Support your financial organization
Fueling your subscription management system with integrations to your financial ERP-system or other accounting solutions supports your bookkeeping with automation. Payment data will be stored in the system and processing charges will automatically be done to manage invoicing and collecting payments.

Automated billing secures an accurate recurring revenue month-after-month, gaining business agility and increasing visibility in your financial history.

Upodi integrates with leading ERP systems like Dinero and E-conomic, just flip the button on. 
It couldn’t be easier — and that’s important when you’re an astronaut sitting in your rocket ready for takeoff. 
You’re able to take your subscription-rocket on-air now. You successfully turned the right buttons towards a safe journey aiming for the moon

To do so, you might need to turn on some more buttons in your cockpit. For instance, a connection to your production unit, i.e. CMS or similar could secure a trustworthy path from client creation to invoice and payment — securing that nothing falls between the seats in the cockpit.

4,3,2… Benefit of data
Integrate your subscription management system with your CRM-system to improve operational efficiency. Your customer service team only needs to fill in details about your customers (i.e. address, surname) in one system. At the same time, the team can view recent transactions and payment history enabling them to create unique and personalized offers that fits the stage of your current customers and their journey in the subscription economy. 
Enabling the ‘integrate to CRM” button empowers your organization to take advantage of customer data strategically in your subscription business, expanding your revenue through existing customers.

Your subscription-rocket is in-air enabling you to:

  • Automate billing communications with your customers (ERP-integration)
  • Track conversion, monthly recurring revenue, and churn rates.
  • Improving operational efficiency (CRM and CMS-integration)

Upodi supports the whole rocket journey integrating with leading ERP-systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, e-conomics, Quickbooks and XERO.