World first subscription platform to support blockchain payments

Upodi is part of the new breed of SaaS based companies that will tackle not only advanced subscription management, but also include a variety of payment options, topped with direct access to the worlds of SaaS financial platforms (ERP red.). There is a huge gab between payments, ERP and CRM. Upodi is the glue and inner engine that handles all that.

And now Upodi support blockchain payments to solve a new problem that will grow in the years to come:

“How to tackle micropayments on a subscription based model, without dying in fees and still make money?”

Media and news articles are a great example. You used to pay $9.99 for the daily newspaper, today you pay $0.19 for that one article you want to read. The cost however did not advance with the benefits of user centric behaviour.

The world of technology is evolving faster than most people are used to. In tech, it has been the norm for many years. This time it’s a bit different.

Going from a traditional business models and into the subscription economy will of cause change a lot in the whole organization. New processes, routines, stronger customer relationships to name just a few.

The new trend is the micro-payment movement. Why not combine it with subscription economy. That is exactly what we have done with the platform at Upodi. We’ve decided we dont just support advanced subscriptions and payments but also support blockchain payments to minimize cost and maximize the possibilities to do micropayments.

It’s fast, secure and best of all it’s cheap!

“Subscription based revenue is the new norm of the Tech industry. Whether you are in IOT, high tech, FinTech, robotics or SaaS; subscription is the permission to keep an ongoing relationship and repeat customer experience in your business. And grab that recurring revenue $$$.
 We see blockchain technology as natural next step to optimize the revenue stream for our customers. We take this seriously and are ready to help.” 
Rasmus Foged, CEO, Upodi.

Where do we go from here?

One thing is for sure — we are in the middle of an area where different business models being tested. Some of the models that has not been solved yet is micropayments on a subscription-based model. It has been on the wish-list for years but not viable because of fees and technology.

The future is subscription — we know that. Is the future micro payments on subscription?. We are still to find out.

Upodi is ready to back up the vision with technology.

About Upodi

We optimize the customer journey in a digital subscription economy.

First platform to support the complex world of payment and ERP. Whether you are using existing payment gateways like PayEx, Adyen, Stripe, Paypal and want to combine it with ERP systems from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dinero, Xero, e-conomic or Quickbook.

Upodi enables customers to rapidly scale their subscription business, whilst reducing cost and maintaining the control and agility of their business.

Our enterprise grade platform helps any size of customer onboard quickly — and we are here to help and coach.

Today Upodi serves customers in the space of fintech, saas, fmcg, media and telco. You can get a trial at or feel free to contact us today.