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Ecommerce is a complex and evolving landscape. Customer research identified that users of automation tools fear the complexity and dislike handing over control of their business. We built a new brand for Linnworks based on control, framing Linnworks as the partner that helps customers take their business in whatever direction they want.

Following the success of the rebrand, Linnworks began to unlock value in more established markets. A new round of qualitative research helped us to refine and build upon the proposition to Enterprise customers. From this we developed a new clearly defined service spine which is helping to scale operations internally and identify opportunities for product development.

2 Week Sprint: 8 steps to Enterprise Business Blueprint
User Journey — Painpoints, gaps and opportunity areas
Qualitative feedback — Enterprise Customer needs (Rated 1- 10)
New proposition development based on needs and capabilities
New 3 stage Enterprise Blueprint — communicates the ‘How’ rather than the ‘What’. A branded experience based on proposition of handing back control. Invaluable for onboarding customers and scaling the Enterprise business internally.
Opportunity for product development identified through Enterprise Blueprint mapping.



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