Pure Planet: Sustainability without sacrifice.

Nicola Wilson
Oct 27 · 3 min read

Brand evolution for Pure Planet renewable energy company

Pure Planet offered energy without the worry of frying the planet or being overcharged. In the words of Steven Day, Pure Planet co-founder

“We are the first supplier to offer all energy at zero markup, in exchange for a simple monthly membership fee. We only have one great value tariff; no teaser tariffs followed by rip off rates a year later. All our natural gas is 100% carbon offset too, at no additional cost.”

Creative director, strategy and service lead

Pure Planet Brand Evolution — Brand language as a call to action

Our client had a new, bigger story to tell. They were shifting from a renewable energy utility to an integrated Net Zero platform. Following a partnership with BP’s digital innovation unit, I was responsible for creating a unified visual, verbal and service design experience to support the launch of a new Zero Carbon app. As Pure Planet products, people, members, partners and channels grew it was integral that we developed a consistent story and a family of joined up, holistic solutions of Zero Carbon products and services that take customers on a journey to zero — step by step.

Video for launch of Pure Planet Zero Carbon App

I lead the project across the discovery, design and implementation phase, aligning Pure Planet and BP teams around a common language; how Pure Planet should behave, look and speak.

I worked with Pure Planet’s leadership team, head of service innovation, head of brand and service, design and UX team, their internal comms team, paid organic and social teams, PR company, BPs Innovation and UX team to unearth their needs, challenges and qualities in order to create a visual, verbal and service direction that could align and inspire.

Pure Planet App Store Sequence
Service and brand design for Pure Planet Zero Carbon App
Annual sustainability report: Survey 2000 UK citizens & climate experts in politics, fashion, manufacturing
Annual sustainability report — brand awareness social campaign
Pure Planet bespoke Icon library


Service design principles
A shared language to create a consistent Pure Planet experience — built around our Members’ actions.

Principles in Action
Following a series of interviews with key stakeholders across the company, we created a framework for the entry points into key moments in the app, resulting in a customer insight driven experience that pushed users towards their next best step to Zero based on contextual goals, an insight hierarchy as well as a cross sell / upsell framework to push partnerships and promotions.

A new language
To support our zero carbon mission, we created a hero language based on the language of action turning the brand into a series of CTAs.

An evolved language
We developed a refreshed design system that could be shared with internal and 3rd party departments — creating consistency and new energy across digital services and marketing communications.

Launch campaign
I worked with all departments to create an omnichannel campaign to soft launch the new partnership, products and brand direction. Based on customer insight we raised the profile of our the Pure Planet employees, humanising their mission and desire to get the UK to Net Zero.