The Flow of a Value Proposition Canvas

Phil Morle
Apr 23, 2017 · 5 min read

Core Utility: Solving Clearly Defined Pains

  1. Customer: Be clear about why those jobs are painful.
  2. Your product: What features in your product will relieve the pain?

We help mining prospectors discover deposits faster and cheaper by replacing expensive infrastructure with virtual drills powered by up to date satellite imagery and state of the art machine learning — all for an unbelievably low subscription fee.

A potential customer has something tangible to contemplate now.

Make it ‘No-Brainer’ Value: Boost Value with Gains

In the same way that my first attempt at Pain Relievers just negated the Pains without any sense of how, it is common for people to the same with Gains.

What’s Next?

Well, as usual, the next step is to figure out if this is all just a dream we have for the perfect value proposition, or whether it is anchored on how customers actually behave.

Create a new GOAL.
Create an experiment
Take notes
Mark your hypothesis as valid or invalid.


Lab Notes — The art of experimenting

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Lab Notes — The art of experimenting