How to integrate EmailOctopus with Upscribe

Let’s go over how to integrate the awesome and affordable Email EmailOctopus with Upscribe signup forms…

EmailOctopus is a fantastic service that sends your emails through Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES). This saves you money without sacrificing deliverability. Here is super quick post on how to integration EmailOctopus with Upscribe.

1. Create your Upscribe form

Go to to create your Medium embeddable form (here’s how). When you get to the Integrations page…stop.

2. Grab your Octopus API Key

From your EmailOctopus Dashboard, select API from the menu on the left side of the screen. On the API page select create your API key (if you haven’t already) and copy it!

Press the “+” button below the EmailOctopus integration option and paste that API key into the input that appears. After that, press the Save API Key button.

3. Choose an EmailOctopus list

From the dropdown, pick the list where you want your signups to end up. Then press Save.

That’s it, I’m so proud of you. Now go grow your EmailOctopus lists!

Go to to create a medium embeddable form like the one above.