How to integrate SendX with Upscribe

Mar 4, 2019 · 3 min read

Here is a quick tutorial on how to integrate SendX with Upscribe.

SendX is an Email Marketing Software focused on providing an intuitive, feature-rich and affordable experience to business owners and marketers. SendX prides itself on enabling marketers and business owners with one of the simplest UIs in the industry. One of their most talked about qualities is their excellent 24x7 live customer support, which ensures that you never get stuck and lose time over your Email Marketing efforts.

We are excited to announce a collaboration we are doing with our friends over at SendX. They are offering you 30% off of their service! Just use the promo code UPSCRIBE_30 at checkout.

1. Sign into your SendX account.

Once you are logged in click on the gears icon in the top right corner next to your company name.

2. Retrieve SendX API Key

That will then take you to the settings page. Scroll down until you see your beautiful API Key.

3. Create integration in Upscribe

Now head over to your Upscribe account. Click on Integrate in the top menu.

Scroll down until you see the SendX logo.

4. Wrap it up!

Now for the hardest part…😂

Take your API Key and Paste it into the SendX integration box!

Hit enter and you are all integrated! It’s as easy as that.

For more information about SendX click here! Don't forget to use the promo code: UPSCRIBE_30

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