2019 Retrospective: The Year at Upstate Interactive

It’s been quite the year at Upstate Interactive! There have been a lot of firsts, a lot of exciting milestones, and a lot of great opportunities to connect with our tech community. As we put this retrospective together we realize what a truly amazing year it’s been. Thank you for your support in 2019!

The Milestones

  • New website: We followed the same discovery process that we do when creating products for our own clients to launch our redesigned website in March. Get a look into our process here.
  • First Los Angeles-based client: We began working with IngleDodd Media in April to create a custom web app for the film/TV sales and marketing firm.
  • New Advisor: Assured Information Security CEO Charles Green joined our advisory board in May. Meet him on our blog.
  • First International Crypto Payment: In August, we received payment in the form of Dai stablecoin for the first time from an international blockchain client. This makes it much easier to work with clients outside the US.
  • Nomination for Doug: UI Partner Doug Crescenzi was nominated for the Community Catalyst Award by Upstate Unleashed.
  • First Company Retreat: We took the team to Austin, Texas, in September! Read about how we organized the event here.
  • New Podcast: UI Partner Peter Smith, Design Technologist James Patrick Gibson, and UI/UX Designer Josiah Ludovico started their own video podcast, Aligned, in October. See the first episode here.
  • Award for Zoe: UI Partner Zoe Koulouris received the 40 Under Forty 2019 Award from CNY Business Journal in November.

The Events

  • Doug spoke on a blockchain panel at Techstars Startup Week Buffalo in September.
  • UI Partner Kseniya Lifanova traveled to Osaka, Japan, for DevCon5 in October.
  • Peter and Zoe spoke about implementing agile scrum with website projects in their “Designing Interactivity” workshop at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School.
  • Kseniya co-hosted “Ethereum, Solidity, and Truffle Workshop” at November’s Santa Barbara Blockchain Summit.
  • Peter and Zoe headed to Boston to speak at jsMobileConf in November, sharing their presentation, “Revealing 5 Mysteries of Cross-Platform Apps.”
  • Kseniya presented her workshop “Token Development: A Crash Course Introduction” at Women Who Code’s Connect NYC conference in December.

The Meetups

Summer Happy Hour
Summer Happy Hour
Vivian and Kseniya working together in Los Angeles
Zoe visiting Kseniya in Los Angeles
Kseniya, Peter, Zoe, and Vivian
Zoe, Peter, Kseniya, and Vivian

The Blogs



Software Development


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We're a women-owned business that helps B2B organizations turn great ideas into software.

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We're a women-owned business that helps B2B organizations turn great ideas into software.

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