Introducing Upstate Interactive’s NEW Smart Contract Development Services

Over the last few months, our software development team at Upstate Interactive has become more deeply involved with blockchain, and we are thrilled to formally announce our new service offering: smart contracts!

We build smart contracts for organizations that facilitate trusted transactions of digital and tokenized assets without the need for centralized intermediaries. Smart contracts manage billions of dollars of digital assets every day, and we ensure that our clients’ decentralized applications and their smart contracts behave as expected.

In a 2018 U.S. Senate Report, it was noted that “while smart contracts might sound new, the concept is rooted in basic contract law. Usually, the judicial system adjudicates contractual disputes and enforces terms, but it is also common to have another arbitration method, especially for international transactions. With smart contracts, a program enforces the contract built into the code.”

We believe there are tremendous opportunities for smart contracts to be used in a varied collection of industries including finance, real estate, insurance, internet of things, and legal services, to name a few.

We develop and operate secure smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity, Ethereum’s contract-oriented programming language. Whether it’s a token sale, digital collectibles, or a smart-contract security audit, our team can accelerate development and reduce the risk of vulnerabilities in the decentralized applications we build by using industry-standard, tested, and community-reviewed code.

The Upstate Interactive team was inspired to offer this new service as we have been actively working behind the scenes on smart contract projects. One notable highlight is our contributions to one of the largest open-source projects in the blockchain space known as OpenZeppelin, which powers over $4.5 billion in digital assets.

OpenZeppelin provides a framework of reusable smart contracts with secure, proven, and “battle-tested” code that helps developers launch new distributed applications (dapps) , protocols, and decentralized organizations. You can learn more about our contributions to OpenZeppelin here and here.

Outside of this framework, we’ve also built the backend for a blockchain-based puzzle game. These projects allow our team to hone our skills and continually evolve with this rapidly emerging space.

So what do you gain from using smart contracts? They help exchange money, property, company stock, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of an expensive, sometimes risky, and inefficient central authority. They render business transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible. Blockchain is changing the way organizations transact and communicate. It democratizes trust and ensures transactions are more secure, efficient, and reliable.

Most often, we build distributed applications comprised of smart contracts that fuel new and creative business models. We have the skills to help your organization securely enable peer-to-peer transactions, tokenize securities, launch anti-counterfeit platforms, and enforce business agreements.

Upstate Interactive makes certain your decentralized applications and their smart contracts empower your organization’s forward-thinking business models and behave as you want them to.

For more information on our smart contract services, and to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team, click here.

Upstate Interactive

We're a women-owned business that helps B2B organizations turn great ideas into software.

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Upstate Interactive

We're a women-owned business that helps B2B organizations turn great ideas into software.

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