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Vue.js is one of our preferred frameworks at Upstate Interactive for building user interfaces and single-page applications. It is a modern, open-source JavaScript framework, created by Evan You, that is extensively used in the web development world for its intuitive API. Thanks to its wide adoption (on par with Angular and React), there are plenty of great resources for learning the ins and outs of creating your next app with Vue.js.

Here are a few favorites, as selected by our design technologist, James Patrick Gibson:

The official Vue.js guide

Of course, when learning any new framework, the official documentation is the most obvious place to start. This guide, in particular, is known for being one of the most beginner-friendly tutorials in the front-end framework space, making it one of the easiest ways for a beginner to get started learning Vue.js. As you’ll see in the Getting Started section, the docs assume you have at least an intermediate level knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so total front-end development newbies may want to work on the basics and bookmark this page for later when ready to dive into frameworks.’s Vue section

This JavaScript blog is loaded with amazing Vue tutorials and walkthroughs — one of the best resources we’ve come across. There are dozens of posts covering various functions of the framework, like deploying to Amazon Web Services, using Typescript with single file components, creating an easy parallax effect, and much more. They’ve also put together a comprehensive resources section where you can find a curated list of all the best blogs, books, videos, and other tools for learning Vue (as well as Angular and React).

Laracasts — Learn Vue: Step By Step

This is a great introductory video and tutorial series from Laracasts, which takes beginner to intermediate Vue users through core concepts in the framework. Over 30 lessons are offered for free, and additional lessons are available for a reasonable subscription fee. You’ll want to start with Step by Step and the Practical Vue Components series, and if you get really good at it, try your hand at a more advanced level with the Testing Vue series.

Sarah Drasner, Core Contributor to Vue.js and Vue.js CSS Tricks

Sarah is a regular contributor to Vue.js itself, as well as to CSS Tricks, a blog about building websites and all that entails from a front-end perspective. She also writes about Vue frequently on her personal Twitter

Account, and gives talks and tutorials at conferences year-round, so she’s a great person to follow and continually learn from.

The Vue Cookbook

This is another official Vue resource that has plenty of real-world examples and use-cases for common problems. It differs from the official Vue.js Guide in that the guide’s articles build upon the previous one as you learn more throughout the documentation. The Cookbook works just like, well, a cookbook, where you can turn to any page and make the recipe without prior knowledge of how to make the one before or after it. Also, the Cookbook goes further in depth on many topics than the Guide allows. You’d do well to have both of these resources bookmarked for future reference.

Vue School

Vue School is a premium video service with easy to learn, step by step walkthroughs and tutorials. They offer 18 courses from beginner to advanced levels, covering topics like Web Accessibility Fundamentals, Custom Vue Directives, Dynamic Forms, and more. Some of the video content is free, and new videos are added weekly. For ongoing access to premium content, the school charges a reasonable fee of $25/month.

Vue.js Developers

This is a great practical blog with articles and how-tos on some of the most common techniques and best practices in Vue. There’s a free intro-to-Vue crash course detailing the very basics of the framework, what kind of apps you can build with it, and how it compares to React and Angular. From there, you can dive into their courses and blog posts, and even join their community to learn about Vue-related job openings.

Awesome Vue

Last, but not least, is Awesome Vue. This is a very thorough list of resources, extensions, books and more — one of the best and most comprehensive sources of information on all things Vue. It is a frequently updated GitHub repo with hundreds of links to amazing resources for Vue users of all skill levels.

If you’re already making your way through studying Vue.js, what are your favorite resources for learning?

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