Welcoming Brian Corrigan to the Upstate Interactive team

Brian Corrigan

Today we’re excited to announce Brian Corrigan, Managing Partner and Principal Engineer at MadGlory will be joining Upstate Interactive as an advisor.

Brian, the former CTO of Major League Gaming and Agora Games, has nearly two decades of experience building, architecting and operating game service platforms in the entertainment space. He’s extremely passionate about the industry and a self-described “JavaScript Nerd”.

At MadGlory, Brian’s team builds online game services for companies like Riot Games, SuperEvil Megacorp, Bethesda, Psyonix, Bosskey, Epic Games, Warner Brothers, Kabam and more. His team brings over 10 years of niche expertise to the space. Collectively, they launch feature-rich, planet-scale services to over 200MM players each year.

Brian will be working with us to help shape our operational strategy and provide insight into how to scale and manage engineering teams. Like us, Brian is passionate about Upstate NY and committed to furthering Upstate’s technology community and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We’re extremely fortunate and excited to have Brian on the team!

Upstate Interactive is a custom software development consultancy that exists to advance Upstate NY and unlock potential in the people and organizations we work with.

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