Behind Upteamist: A Learning Management Software

Our Story

When we started our consulting agency a few years ago, one of the first items on our agenda was to define a clear career path and training program for our employees and associates. Since technology is an ever-evolving beast, we wanted to ensure that our team had access to the information and tools that empowered them to learn at work. We promoted internal discovery and company-wide presentations (we called these “LIFTIT” sessions), and we provided the team with access to as many online resources as possible (Lynda, Pluralsight, etc.). It worked, but we soon realized that these tools were negatively affecting the communication process by complicating employee adoption of a unified protocol and hindering visibility in terms of our team’s progress.

The struggles we experienced while attempting to manage the learning and career paths of our employees were numerous. How do we communicate about tasks and progress? What is the best way to share documents internally and with external teams? Is there a space that can store all of this information for our team and for our partners that does not require an IT background to navigate and use?

We were not the only agency to feel similarly about the lack of simple training management software available online. Looking at platforms on the market, none of them seemed able to satisfy the need to make collaboration simple, quick, and accessible.

With our own struggles and questions as guides, we came up with the idea for Upteamist. We created this platform to solve our problems in trying to simplify the learning and knowledge sharing processes within our team, but also with our clients and partners as well.

What Does Upteamist Have to Offer?


From the get-go, we wanted to make sure that Upteamist provided a simple and useful experience to the managers who use it. Creating modules and trainings, and sharing videos and documents through the interface is both quick and intuitive so that you can easily pass them along to your audience.

Each training module can be shared with different users or groups of users, while metrics related to the access and usage of the platform are captured for administrators behind the scenes. Upteamist ensures that you can aggregate, manage, and distribute your content from a single location to the intended recipients, all while making sure you are putting your efforts towards what’s needed.


Providing access to trainees, staff, and partners has never been easier. Just enter the individual’s name, then add his/her associated email address to send an invitation to join your partner program. Whether they use Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Accounts, Google Accounts, or a custom email account, they will find that the authentication method needed is available.

Ease of access goes hand-in-hand with security with Microsoft Azure Business Connectivity Service in play to ensure that the Upteamist solution is safe and available at all times.


To measure the success of your training program, we have included a reporting center for administrators that will allow you to view the usage and access frequency of documents in addition to the activity of users. This ensures that you are putting the appropriate amount of effort in the right places when you are developing and creating your content.


With notifications, comments, and mentions, Upteamist provides users with the ability to express and surface questions/feedback to the right people.

Our Next Steps?

This is an ambitious project and we still have a long road ahead, but here are items on which we are currently working:

  • Integration of assessment forms that will allow those in charge of training to create their own forms and evaluations.
  • Integration with document management systems to ensure that pipelines and information specific to learning are visible within Upteamist.

We are looking forward to your feedback on these new iterations. Your constructive responses are helping us create a better learning management software for all businesses — including our own!

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Thank you for joining us on this adventure!

Khoa Quach, CEO of Upteamist