Why it’s Okay for Twenty-Somethings to Feel Lost and Overwhelmed

M S Rayed
M S Rayed
Mar 10, 2019 · 3 min read
Credit: Stuart Kinlough via Getty Images and Ikon Images

This is for every twenty something struggling to stay focused while dealing with a sense of uncertainty that plagues you almost every day.

You have got to trust in yourself, and that you will get through whatever dark times you are facing right now. Things get very stark once you graduate from college. And you will face moments where you question yourself, examining yourself down to the quantum level.

Are you running after the right things? Are certain people good for you? Or, for that matter, are you good for those certain someones, or for anyone at all? What if you were never good at stuff to begin with?

These are the thoughts that assault us, but we suppress them, because we can’t let others know that we are scared as hell.

I mean how could we? If we don’t have good photos and experiences to post on social media, we often assume it’s better to remain silent.

This is mostly because millennials are, according to older generations, lazy and self-entitled. They are not prepared for life’s challenges. And while these statements hold kernels of truth, they aren’t the end all and be all of the millennial work ethic.

But entropy is real, in both the physical world and the emotional world. If you accept that things are always going to be this bad, you won’t find yourself being surprised when things become even worse. And that’s a sad way to live.

Rather, acknowledge, understand and embrace your emotions. All emotions are equally valid, which means that feeling overwhelmed is just as legitimate as feeling happy or confident.

Credit: Ikon Images and Corbis

It’s okay to feel lost, too, even when it seems like everyone else has their life figured out. Yes, that’s what our social media feeds tells us, but for the most part, our lives aren’t as easy as doing some Instagram magic and curating posts that only project what you want to show to the world.

Who knows who’s really at peace and feeling happy, and who are just faking all of that for some of those sweet, sweet reactions?

Sometimes, we forget that we put too much stock into how people perceive us and that it’s okay to not have everything figured out by the time you are twenty-five.

We just need to go through life one step at a time. And someday, we will look back and be surprised by how far we have come.

Your life is, at the end of the day, only yours to live. So feel free to binge Netflix, or to eat fast food like there was no tomorrow. Allow yourself to be not okay with everything, no matter how long it takes for you to process these feelings.

Don’t let others- and some vague sense that life is supposed to be unfair- deter you from your journey of healing.

And lastly, please don’t lie to yourself that you want things that others already have. This is especially dire when you force yourself to do things which you don’t need or even want to do, because the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) plagues our every waking moment.

It’s okay to not want a three bedroom flat or a new SUV just yet. You are only a twenty-something, and that means you, hopefully, have your full life in front of you.

Just be easy on yourself and practice some self care in the meanwhile, okay?

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