Is today’s capitalism killing us? ... Time for capitalism 2.0?

Fast Company: Fifty-one percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 no longer support the system of capitalism. [Illustration: Kseniya_Milner/iStock]See this story in Fast Company:

Today’s capitalism incentivizes too much greed, inequality, crime, war, and waste. But we’re not going to give it up for anything that limits our freedom.

OK, how about a new, improved form of capitalism? One that gives us even more freedom and opens even broader horizons? Capitalism 2.0? Or Robert Reich’s Supercapitalism?

Ideas welcome!

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From society to supersociety: Moving beyond greed, war and exploitation to a world of equal opportunity and peace (at last) is one of the five key uptrends to life 2.0.

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