School’s Back, Back Again.

So it’s the time of year that some dread; the start of term is looming.

You’re probably not feeling all that hot about it (if you are, then well done for your supremely cheery attitude).

Here’s a few handy hints to get you through the first week woes:

  1. Keep an open mind.

It’s easy to think about school with nothing but negativity in mind, but remember that you’ll learn some little gems that you never knew existed. Things that will— no matter how hard it might seem to focus on the future — stand you in really good stead later down the line. You’ll be surprised how impressive correct semi-colon use can be…

2. Remember your stationary.

Nobody wants to be the person without a pen. Avoid the awkward calling around the room for one by having a pocket — or pencil case — full of them.

3. Dress like a Pro.

Be smart and on top of your style game. You’ll avoid being shouted at for your uniform errors, and look fly. I’d seriously advise ironing things; there’s only so many crinkles that an outfit can take before it starts to look like a crisp packet.

4. Smile.

Who knows what new people you might meet? There’ll be new students at your school and potential friends (and more!) are waiting. All it takes to build those bridges is a little warm smile.

5. Relax.

You might not have as much time chilling at home, but you’re going to spend a lot more time learning about the world; that’s pretty exciting. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be doing it with all your friends, and they’ll have you laughing soon enough!

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