How to get a job for the summer…

So you’ve just finished the most gruelling part of your year and you need things to do; of course the priority is to have the most fun as possible during the summer before you have to start the whole thing again at uni or college. Most students will chill out with their friends and probably go on holiday and then just like that the summer is over.

This summer why don’t you use your free time to do something productive, like getting a job. I always remember this quote:

“Do something your future self will thank you for”.

The last thing you want to be thinking about is more work but trust me it will be so beneficial for your future. Getting a job will look really good on your CV because it shows you’re eager to work and shows that you want to better yourself for the future.

Things you’ll need

  • A well written CV
  • Prepared Cover Letters
  • Motivation (Major Key)
  • Planner (Keep Track of Dates)
  • Patience & Persistence & An Open Mind (Not everyone’s hiring)

Volunteer / Community Work

This is probably the easiest way to get experience during the summer. Organisations need extra pair of hands to help the less fortunate. You will get a good amount of responsibility maybe dealing with customers or other people, allowing you to enhance your skills like customer facing & communication. You might make new friends as other students will be looking for work too. You won’t get paid for this but will definitely gain some new skills and aiding a good cause.

Suggestions: Do it, Prospect, Projects Abroad, GVI, British Red Cross, Prince’s Trust, Charities, Local Council & Local Community.

Work Experience & Summer Internship

Work experience can be short term and you may not get complex tasks but you will get a feeling of what working life is like in your chosen field, allowing you to be more informed in your future career decisions. Companies run summer internship to support current staff and to find future future full time employees. You may or may not get paid but you’ll earn valuable experience that you can use to get a job in the future.

Suggestions: Indeed, Student Ladder, Prospect, Student Jobs, Uptree, Company Websites, Job Boards, Get in Go Far, e4s,

Part Time

This may not be related to your field of study but you will still be getting a job. This form of employment will most likely earn you some stable income. Part time is a great way to balance the time you have to enjoy the summer and working. Look for the job with the least amount of experience needed as you’ll have a better chance of being hired and chose something you might enjoy. You can also carry this job past the summer, just make sure you can balance out working & studying!

Suggestions : Indeed, Student Jobs, Company Websites, Job Boards, Student Ladder, Job Centre, Ask Companies Directly, Retail Stores, Local Shops

Extra Curricular Activities

If you can’t find any of the above use your time to have fun and work towards something. You can do this by joining various clubs or going to summer school to pick up new skills. You may need to use the bank of mum & dad for this one but it will be worth it!

Suggestions: NCS, Ask Your School, Pre University Summer Schools, Summer Camps, Local Sports Club


Uptree work with multinational employers to host events for student to sample what it’s like to work in their company as well promoting their new and exciting opportunities to work at the company. Join other students to learn more about companies like IBM, ustwo, Saatchi & Saatchi and more!!

Suggestions: Uptree

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