Simon says (Simon Sinek that is) everything starts with WHY…and he presents a compelling argument.

However, every now and then something slips in front of WHY…and puts in way into second place.


Here’s an example. I used to belong to a well-known discount wine club, but I decided to let it go.

I had wine all over the house and just wasn’t keeping up with it and ended up giving a lot of it away.

I got a call one morning from Jodie, who wanted to take a couple of minutes just to bring me up to date on changes they had made at the club. I said I didn’t really drink enough wine to justify the membership, yet 5 minutes later I was giving her my credit card details. Why?

Because she was really, really good at her job, and none of my objections and reluctance could stand in the way of her cheerful determination.

I know a bit about sales, and I could only admire her performance. She had a pretty good script, but she didn’t sound like she was using it. She talked about how she was based in my home city and how she had recently joined the club herself.

Sales ‘artists’ are rare. Jodie is an artist.

She projected a passionate belief in her product and her job. She painted a clear picture of me using, enjoying and benefiting from the wine.

She really wanted to share the JOY of this great wine club.

There is nothing that beats a truly passionate belief in your product.

Enthusiasm such as this is so rare it stands out, it attracts us, and it empowers us.

JOY is not a word we use much anymore, but when you see it displayed you realise how enormously powerful it is.

The mistake we make is to let it slip away from our lives and our businesses.

Put it in your marketing where it can do some real good.

Here’s to your best life…

Good Luck and (always) Good Selling


PS. UPYOURS by the way. UP your passion for your business and your product and watch the sales roll-in.


By Trevor Marchant


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By Trevor Marchant