5 Frequent Mistakes You Can Do at the Gym

It’s true — going to the gym is great! But you can easily screw things up by making some common mistakes.

Going to the gym, as any other sports, requires special attention.

You don’t just want to check this activity off your to-do list. You want to make your exercise in the best possible way, effective, and healthy for your body.

So here are the 5 most frequent mistakes that people do when going to the gym.

1. Skipping the warm up

Warming up before going into those weight lifting and body building exercises can be very harmful for your muscles. You can easily get injured, especially if you don’t do the exercises correctly. Make sure you allocate the right amount of time for proper pre-workout routine.

2. Forgetting to keep hydrated

Drinking enough water during a workout is essential for a correct functioning of your entire body. Also, make sure you have a sports bottle of water with you and to fill it up before you start your workout. Having it with you will help you save time and be more effective in between sets.

3. Not paying attention to breathing

As in every sport, forgetting to breathe is one of the most common mistakes. You might often have found yourself in the situation when you were holding your breath during a hard exercise. Putting your muscles to such an effort requires a high amount of oxygen, so it’s important to properly breathe during your workout.

4. Having the same routine every time you go to the gym

Using the same machines and doing the same amount of sets and repetitions will eventually feel inefficient and boring. Plus you will feel that there are less improvements in your results. You should consider alternating exercises and also increasing repetitions if it feels like you’re ready for the next level. Just push your limits a little, day after day.

5. Going to the gym without a plan

Forgetting to properly plan your workout before you arrive to the gym can be a miss. You should have a focus in mind, on long term, and a precise plan in terms of exercises, on short term. Even if there a lot of things to do in a gym, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on specific exercises within a workout. Targeting areas that you want to work will definitely show the desired improvements.

These pieces of advice should not discourage you in going to the gym. We know it — even making the effort to get our of your comfort zone and actually go tot he gym is an achievement itself for many. But since you’ve arrived there and you made this (huge) step, why not make the most of it?

The hardest step is starting something. The next steps can become a lot more achievable. You just need to be 100% there.

Originally published at Urban Active Sports.