Founder’s Letter to Our Customers

Michael Cho
Jan 15, 2019 · 2 min read
Looking silly with my teammates, Shinn & Vy.

Dear Customers,

As I write this letter, we, as a young company, still don’t have a single paying customer yet.

We do, however, have users coming to the UrbanZoom website to research on homes they’re thinking of buying or selling. Someday, in the not-too-distant future, we hope to offer other services to some of these users, who may decide to pay for these services.

I thought that before we officially introduce those services to you, it’s appropriate to lay down the foundation of our relationship with you.

Our Company’s Mission: “Empower Home Owners”

And when we say home owners, we don’t mean it in the legal sense. We mean it to include anyone who feels a sense of ownership towards their homes. Therefore, by definition, it’d also include the children, the grandparents, and by extension, the tenants who for a period of time consider a certain place their homes.

UrbanZoom is our first attempt to “Empower Home Owners” like yourself. By creating a data-driven market intelligence site, we hope to provide actionable insights to help you make a more informed decision when you’re about to embark on possibly one of the biggest financial decisions for your lifetime.

While UrbanZoom is still in its infancy (and we have many plans to improve it further), we hope that our intention is clear from Day 1. Whatever features or services we may launch, we always first ask ourselves “What’s in it for our customers?”

In fact, our team is determined to build our product based on only 3 core values, listed in order of importance here:

  1. Customer Obsession
  2. Be Crazy Bold
  3. Family Oriented

We care, first and foremost, about delivering a 10x customer experience for home owners. And we care about home owners because we care about family.

Family is what makes a home special. If we truly deliver on our mission of “empowering home owners”, then effectively we’d have also helped home owners to take care of their families.

Now, we’re going to really push the boundary on what is deemed as great customer experience, in order to get to that elusive 10x improvement from status quo.

This means that our team will try some “crazy” things, and we will certainly have our fair share of mistakes. But know that everything we do, we do it asking ourselves the same question, again and again:

“What’s in it for our customers?”

“What’s in it for our customers??”

“What’s in it for our customers???”


Michael Cho

A Really Great Agent To Sell Your Home

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