The UrbanA Challenge

Have you taken the #UrbanAChallenge? We want your voice on the UrbanA Podcast. Answer the question ‘What is a sustainable and just city?’ in a maximum of 3 minutes and either send it to us on twitter, email, or simply send an audio message (Signal, Whatsapp, Viber) to 36306586410.

Our 12 podcasts about #SustainableJustCities are in our Knowledge Commons (wiki). If your 3 minute message is selected, you will appear as an urban arena podcast correspondent in our upcoming podcasts.

Things to keep in mind when recording — choose a quiet place (get in a cupboard, climb under your blanket!); turn off fans, TVs and phones; listen to your recording possibilities (is it better via phone or with mic?).

Here’s the challenge call-out on social media: twinstafb

  • UrbanA Podcasts

The UrbanA project aims, through a series of 4 Arena events: synthesize and broker knowledge generated by prior research and innovation projects; translate this knowledge into action; empower participants to apply this knowledge locally; facilitate interaction among diverse people; and influence policies in favour of sustainable and just cities. It was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Urban Arena Podcasts form a series of critical conversations with activists, entrepreneurs, intellectuals and policy-makers in different European cities who are working, in complimentary and conflicting ways, to create cities that respond to the twin challenges of justice and sustainability.

Any suggestions for future editions or further adventures in audio, talk to our sound gurus Ian Cook and Kate McGinn.



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Duncan Crowley

Duncan Crowley

Irish architect exploring community-led ecocities (Dublin, Barcelona, Curitiba, Lisbon). Eco activist & PhD student working with UrbanA, ECOLISE & Degrowth 🌎🐝