What do you think of our 17 keys to Sustainable Just Cities?

After two years of research, and hosting Arenas and community conversations, the UrbanA project is nearing the home straight. We have captured all that we have learnt into a series of suggested keys — keys to unlock sustainable and just cities. Each key will serve as an entry point to the knowledge we have gathered since the project began (see current UrbanA resources).

However the keys are still under construction! We invite your input to tell us what, if anything, is missing from them. And we’d like to enrich them with stories from your network(s)! For now, we have clustered the keys under four adjectives, which we believe are what make cities sustainable and just: honest, caring, robust and informed. If you are extra curious, check out this detailed visual!


For example, to make a city honest we consider the following keys are necessary:

  • The economy is for the people and the environment
  • City makers take responsibility for their actions and are held accountable for results
  • Digital tools are at everyone’s service
  • Power relations and dynamics are identified and power inequalities dismantled
  • Justice is hardwired into EU-funded urban sustainability projects

For each key we have developed a short summary, and from this summary we would like to collect input on initiatives, examples, and stories to show that implementing this key is possible, and that it’s needed to make cities truly just and sustainable.

So! What do you think? Will these keys unlock what we dream of? Do you have any more nuggets of wisdom to enrich them? See the full list of keys here and share your insights via our easy to use form!




Sharing the highlights of UrbanA’s co-creative journey with city-makers and city-thinkers over 3 years for #sustainablejustcities. #Horizon2020

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Urban Arenas for #sustainablejustcities. Distilling innovative #urbansolutions through a co-creative process with city-makers & city-thinkers www.urban-arena.eu

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