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Emotions sometimes represent the depth of quantum humanity; they are the quintessential patient of multiple personality disorder. Aeroglyphics and sarcophaguses couldn’t explain the symbiosis between emotions and happiness as its most healthy persona and depression its most maligned albeit vital persona — the leeway to appreciation and the greatest measure of happiness.

Happiness is usually a fleeting prospect. The key to making it a constantly present father is finding substance in meaning of key concepts in one’s life. Recently, I’ve been going through a patchy emotional patch, papered by ephemeral episodes of vanity. Even before a large dose of tragedy struck, I’ve been questioning things I hold sacrosanct; life, goals, my mind, God, entitlement to happiness and fairness of life and metaphysical determinism, while I peruse whether life is a fundamentalist classist, with a fixation on maintaining social, emotional and financial balance through hierarchy of luxury of same.

For days now, I’ve been searching for substance in everything, even considered watching porn — but I shelved the plans at the last minute. Eventually, I discovered that substance is a chameleon of representation and a faceless concept; you can find it even in the most unexpected places. It was funny how music and in particular Sticky_daGenius seemingly kickstarted substantial satisfaction even in life philosophies and simplified previously knotty threads of life.

If you rap, you dey rap. If you be boss, you be boss

-Sticky_daGenius, Fountain of Youth

For the umpteenth time, I’ll say it; Ghana is imbued with pristine rap talents, blessed by God himself to come to earth and rap, and it seems Sticky_daGenius is the best one I’ve discovered yet. The homie @ayo_dennis put me on AYLØ’s new album and I went to SoundCloud to play it. What happened next was somehow after I finished playing that masterclass, my thirst for substance was quenched by a fortuitous switch from AYLØ to Sticky_daGenius’ Gold Bars featuring Lykay — another mercurial rap talent — in some way only metaphysics could explain. The song was perfection; a celebration of oneself in healthy Braggadocio and the evolution of rap through probably the single most impressive African rap song I’ve ever played. This song is the quintessential representation of Sticky_daGenius’ incredible talent. Even this beat is Gold!

In a world where us rap heads are guilty of sentimental appreciation of rappers who have that 90s feel in rap, vocals, delivery and beat patterns, while Sticky seems like that ol’ rapper, the appreciation for his craft goes beyond those traits. Admittedly, his themes could be better, and they will, as he has only 6 songs on his SoundCloud and his talent is probably the most prodigious I’ve ever encountered. There’s also a way he delivers that evokes appreciation and I can’t seem to pinpoint that reason. He’s simply special.

I like Nas, Raekwon, Rakim…

This kid is a Hiphop disciple, not just a lover of the art who took it up as an outlet to express innate creativity. He’s purely inspired by his love for rap and a need to say something, and he’ll go places if he keeps at it. He also sounds elite — and no, it’s not about ‘American accent’ like a fool alluded to.

The opening 30 seconds of Keep On featuring Recognize alone exemplifies his wordplay and poetic arsenal. A day prior to writing this piece, I read DJ Booth’s Telefone. — Noname’s album review and they said not all rappers are Wordsmiths and Rappers at the same time, and only a few find a way to balance astute lyricism, picture perfect imagery through sheer use of words and it’s true. But Sticky_daGenius here is one of those and it’s not blind hype.

For this reluctant creative however, it’s a family affair. As you’re about to discover, his inspiration is his older brother and his Twin is his producer;

I was actually inspired by my brother. I watched him make music growing up. He’s the one who influenced my choice of music as well as the style of rap music I’m currently doing and he’s my mentor

He’s good really good… a good poet… I can only aspire to be like him even though he’s no more into it. I have others who inspire me

Good rappers are usually cocky, with purist penchant for overreliance on lyrical prowess over advantage of a good beat and the first quote in this piece goes to show our subject isn’t any different. Sticky_daGenius understands the advantage of a sound beat and it’s evident through his collection. His EP The Prologue is home to 4 songs; Fountain of Youth, Ode to Ghana, Lyrical Style and Everything I Am is a complete but incomplete body of work. You can only expect so much from someone who hasn’t taken it too seriously yet;

Man… There has been a lot of stumbling blocks since I got done with high sch. I really wanted to take it further than I currently am, but schooling overseas combining this Uni thing with music isn’t making me put out music as often as I would have liked. As a plus, I recently managed to acquire some studio equipments and set up in my apartment… So hopefully next year, I will be more consistent with my releases and if the responses are positive I’ll make a decision from there. I can only wish to do it full time, but obviously you need a following first. At the bare minimum, I wanna do it as a hobby having something else to fall back on.

The existence of an appetite however aggressive is the need to be quenched. Until that happens, it pesters an existence. The funny aspect is, it makes one comically neurotic. That’s how I am with reluctant creatives; a breed usually imbued with dense and deep bastions of creativity. The downside is they can be maddening, and I think Sticky’s one of them. However, that’s his prerogative and we should respect that. Even though I hold no authority over Sticky, the latter part of the above quote triggers me and I want to scream, and give this nigga an ass whooping. Maybe that’s just me wanting the world to witness his talent. Still man, no pressure; do it at your pace.

I know not to compare art but appreciate both for their respective contributions. I however do understand it’s necessary for perfection of description. Thus, Sticky_daGenius is what I used to think Boogey was, but as lyrically brilliant as Boogey is, his delivery style sometimes bores me as it seems monotonic and lags behind beat counts.

My quest for substance however makes me realize that Sticky_daGenius is brilliant, but he needs some healthy dose of substance and especially diversify his themes to reach that epoch, even though everything else is going for him. If he can do that, he’ll be a African rap great. At the moment, only Ode to Ghana is his only substantial thematically different track. The rest vaunts his poetic and lyrical repertoire on different beats. You’re better than that bro.

Some rappers are understandably and usually always reluctant to change and winning sound. The problem with that though; you risk being boring or worse, keeping your talent from necessary evolution. Sounds unlock new heights of styles and growth because to every sound, there’s a style. Sticky, as much as I like you on 90s hiphop sounds and vintage gangster rhythms, imma need you to diversify your sounds and unlock your true fierce nature. Maybe it’s going to help unlock that introspect and vulnerability you’re hiding from us. Moreover, it’s 2017, hiphop is at a stage of confused evolution where genres are interloping for fun and to perfection. There is a need to diversify, and it’s more than just to change sounds.

Is he the best in Africa? Time will tell, but he does have the traits and I can argue that on talent, he’s the most enjoyable I’ve ever listened to. If you know me, you know I judge on talent and talent alone, not pedigree, longevity or accolades.

Sticky_daGenius might have just 27 followers on SoundCloud and maybe just an aggregate of 2000 plays in all, but as his song claims, he spits gold bars. And thankfully, as our conversation was going on, the shoe dropped and he said the sweet words;

For my music career, I’m hoping to take it really far. Hopefully, I can put myself and my brother on, and take my music across Africa and beyond. Especially given that my type of hiphop is widely accepted.

My previously boiling temperament came to a calm after that second line as we conversed and I realized I owe him a bevvy. However, acceptance is an offspring of trend. Your talent might be trendy, but it needs adaptation and that will only come through sounds. Your style might not be gangster rap bro, but your sound is. Change that, and you have the acceptance you should have.

This year, Jaykae’s Toothache is the best rap song I’ve played. It’s now got Sticky_daGenius’ Gold Bars and Lyrical Style as contenders; another feather in underground music’s hat.

One thought I can’t seem to shake off is; if Sticky is this good, how good him brother wan come be?

Yet man, way to go.

Hit him;

On Twitter/SoundCloud: @Sticky_daGenius

By PennedMusingsNG for Urban Central @OneMotolani on Twitter

Remember you can also follow us on Twitter @TheUrbanCentral

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