BCWYWF Key Points Review.

As undergraduates and typically throughout schooling we all had that one subject/class/course we didn’t feel butterflies for, such was the case that once exam season approached we had the habit of scrambling for summary notes or a break down of ‘key points’ to assist us through that subject/class/course.

Sadly this habit has followed a healthy dose of us to the big world. Not to worry we are not judging. Instead we present our new showcase,where we highlight a recent release and uphold what we believe to be the key points. For our inaugural edition we are in South Africa, we present to you, the Key Points on AKA and Anatii’s Be Careful What You Wish For (BCWYWF).


Collab albums are becoming a thing, it’s pleasant to see African acts using this medium to create content to satisfy diverse fan bases. The world is familiar with Wiz Kid but South African acts have been pushing the envelope, asides Cassper, AKA and Anatii are vanguards for the new sound coming out of Africa but this by no means infers that they are new kids on the block, they’ve both being active for 16 and 11 years respectively.

After months of anticipation, the pair finally yielded and released the project, it premiered on Ebro’s Beats 1 show and social media has been awash with praises. If you are unsure as to the project, fret not, you are in the right place. We listened to it for you and gladly present the Key Points.

BCWYWF arrives on the heels of quality offerings by the duo, going back to The Saga, to the recent 10 Fingers and Don’t forget to Pray, so do they have more good stuff on the offering? Let’s find out.

The Key Points


It’s lovely background music with boastful come up rhymes. Anatii has a subdued vocal presence but if he’s behind the boards on this then he’s the man.


The production here is outstanding. It’s like the Super Mario dungeon theme juiced up on performance enhancing steroids. This is bouncy I tell you. If you loved 10 fingers I bet you will find this equally entertaining.

Anatii flows like the Nile on this song. His flows go over the banks and the quality drips thoroughly. AKA mention the Toyota Bakkie again and we are treated some humble brags over smooth bars.


We find our boys flexing on a thumping instrumental, religious imagery abounds here. Anatii currently holds the title for the most efficient hooks in Africa, he needs to bless more rappers with these hooks, AKA shouldn’t be the only one with access to these.

P.S That Xhosa Bridge and Outro is heavenly.


Yes i know this track was released prior to the full project but it still slaps. Don’t @ me.

Whoever thought AKA was going to outshine Anatii on this project has another thing coming. The 10 track effort is laced with solid offerings celebrating the good life, however the brightest spots tend to be on the already released tracks, that doesn’t mean the collaborative effort is a disappointment, it’s a step in the right direction and it’s heading to the good places.

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