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On A Quest for Identity: Interview with Fave

Nigerian vocalist and songwriter, Fave harnessed her passion for singing at the very young age of 6. She began composing songs and performing her favorite hits for her classmates, friends and family during events and after school hours. Fave was encouraged to kickstart her music career at 19 years old after blossoming in her first song M.O.M.M.S. Fave is influenced by musical idols such as Adele, Billie Eillish, Shaggy, Aisha Badru, Sia, and Lorde, thus creating her music to be a blend of R&B, Pop, Soul, and Dancehall.

Born Chidozie Godsfavour Ugochinyere, Fave has officially been in the music industry for 9 months now and is looking to extend her career further. Since the release of M.O.M.M.S, she has seen success with her song being referenced/appearing in three NDANI TV Shows.

The hardworking songwriter released her second single “DAL” at the beginning of the year. Soon after that her sensational viral freestyle video attracted the attention of Music giants Mr Eazi (Empawa Africa Program), Adekunle Gold, Chopstix and Bizzle Osikoya. Her viral video can also be credited to one of the many free beats posted online by Lagos very own singer and producer, Jinmi Abduls.

With the beauty of her music and the classical expression of her pen, Fave is a painter that paints what she sees in front of her in the best way she can. Her brand speaks through her music, a storyteller that speaks her heart and experiences of people.

To continue an impressive start to her career, Fave released her latest single NBU on the 17th of April, the single has already garnered impressive numbers whilst finding its way to at least 3 official playlists on Apple Music.

Urban Central recently caught up with the talented artist to chat about her writing style amongst other things. Our conversation, lightly edited for content and clarity, follows below.

Urban Central: Let’s talk about the new single NBU. It comes weeks after you went viral doing a rendition of the lyrics to the song over a beat by Jimi Abduls. What’s been the biggest lesson you have learned between then and now?

I realized that certain things happen for a reason and that the attention that comes from a little recognition helps you discover the people you know you want to keep around and the ones you want gone.

Urban Central: What do you seek to achieve with this new single?

My identity. Right now, my major concern is getting people to hear my music and be able to identify my sound as mine, and not someone else’s. It’s my prayer that this new single does that.

Urban Central: There’s a certain lightness to the way you sing, what’s the secret?

I think singing is easier when it’s your own words (lyrics).

Urban Central: When you went viral, a lot of things stood out but the most striking for a lot of folks was your lyrics, can you break down your writing process for us?

There are two faces to writing music for me- writing with a beat in mind and then writing without one. The focus is the former because the reference is my freestyles. For me, it’s simple. A beat inspires the emotion I put in a song, as well as my lyrics. For instance, a beat starts off and the moment you hear it, you’re thinking ‘pain’, I automatically center my composition around that theme and the lines just fall into place. As I write, I sing. As I sing, I write. They go hand-in-hand. Else, it becomes a tedious process. This is just me though. Could be different for a thousand others.

Urban Central: When did you realize you wanted to be a musician?

I’ve always known since I was a little girl. I just didn’t know how my parents were gonna digest the idea.

Urban Central: It is not uncommon for up-and-coming artists to leave their hometown for places like Lagos to chase their dream. But, you are based in Delta/Akwa Ibom and you’ve been able to launch your career from your current location , how has that been for you?

I can’t really say. Most of the work (publicity) done is online and these things aren’t really restricted to location. You could stir up the attention of thousands in Lagos from your sitting room in Kebbi.

Urban Central: How has your location affected your sound?

In no way.

Urban Central: What are you long term plans music wise?

I love singing and writing music. I want to do it for a lifetime, God-willing. I’m here to stay.

Urban Central: What do you want to say to fans who are just joining you for the ride?

Please stick around. I guarantee you a sound you’ve never heard but one you’ll forever love.

Urban Central: What are 5 random facts about you that the average person wouldn’t be able to guess?

I love potatoes and puppies. Sleep hardly finds me. I prefer couches to beds. I love dark places. I listen to Snoop Dogg in private. (Wow. Who knew thinking of random things about me would take an hour)

Interview done by Clover for Urban Central (Tweets @CloverDaddy)

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