Art x Keaton Greene ( @klg2303 )
This for all my niggas that ever got caught up, haha
Fuckin’ with two, cause it’s too hard to say no

While Hip-hop is sharp poetry and rhymes, it also inspires vision through storytelling and rhythmic words. Sometimes however, the prose-esque story scores the touchdown and poetry/rhyming are just what they are. Such is the case of Vic Mensa. He’s an ace storyteller to rival anyone in the game in my humble opinion, if The Autobiography is anything to be followed. While he’s also quite deft at the poetry and the rhyming, with lyricism to boot, his forte is his storytelling; told in his audible, clean and distinct voice, wrapped in his Chicago accent.

We all have that ex; that one that sends your kidneys dancing at even a flash of her. That one you’re afraid will make your current girl less secure if you discussed her, because you’d be beaming like a 14 year old nerd who’s just received his first kiss from the most popular girl in school. Some of us are even afraid to discuss them in public and that’s fine. I feel your pain bro, you’re not alone.

Of all the stories Vic told on that album, the most intriguing albeit a little hilarious one was Gorgeous. He near immortalized his ex withlines. In a world where Millennial girls deem flirting as cheating, he’s the foremost scum; or trash if you will. But that doesn’t stop us from appreciating his courage at taking on the whole female, Millennial demographic, who are coming for him by the way. Stay strong Bruh… Lol.

Either you’re a boy or girl, even though you’re the scummiest of scummy scum, with little to no room for love, chances are you have that unforgettable ex/fling he — most likely she probably just gets more beautiful every time you see her. You’re probably on your 06 TV Don Jazzy whenever you’re trying to find the right words describe her awesomeness. That’s why we think Vic Mensa has done what most still struggle to discuss.

While vulnerable topical discussions are the new shoo in to the millions and critical acclaim in 2017, that Vic discussed the 17 year old girl who “loved everything else asides him”, and had the honor of his maiden heartbreak - heart in a garbage can, scumming him up, he took vulnerability to another level, not only risking being a brandished a pussy by “real niggaz”, but risking his own life to say even his current girl feels threatened by this heart breaker chick.

You must be high, what drugs are you on?
Whatever it is, you got me hooked
Whatever it is, you got my new girl shook

Most of the time, us men tell our these females they’re the best just because we have to. It’s trite that most men settle for life partners, not because they are less than desirable in anyway, but because they’re less nuanced and intrigue us lesser. We probably don’t wanna love these kind of intriguing girls, but we want them.

We can’t stop, we so addicted
Unconditional prescriptions
Keep me from these crazy bitches
Sittin’ there, see somethin’ vicious
Break in my house and you steal my car
After all that and you still my broad
I’ll beat a nigga ass ‘bout you, on God
Tell my new girl, better stay on guard

Us dudes get caught in this melee of emotions that bite with vitriolic ferocity on the thought of these types of exes, but we keep then wrapped inside because we either don’t wanna break hearts or feel weak by such admission, even to ourselves, let alone to others. On this album, other songs might contain more gripping themes, but Gorgeous is another level of honesty, it’s suicidal.

She had a pumpkin ass, how could I not smash?
You don’t gotta hold that against me
I just wanna hold that against me

Grab you Giv-en-chy, I mean Givenchy
Then she seen my side piece in the front seat, uh-oh
(Nigga who the hell is this?) Here we go
Why you gotta turn up everywhere we go?
How my ex turn up everywhere we go?
It ain’t my fault that I want you both

The most curious part of this is societal standard for judgement which we’ve all gulped down in charming doses. Why wouldn’t you be able to discuss your ex? Why should anyone feel threatened by such admission to whoever? Human standard for principles of convenience is a thing. We shouldn’t let it affect us. Partners feel less secure while you discuss your ex, yes. But shouldn’t a partner who feels threatened by such get out of the relationship altogether? it’s a delicate topic and point of view, but partners should take solace in realizing there was a reason for such person’s status — ex. There is absolutely no reason to not discuss your ex with your partner. But okay, maybe not the sex part.

Nevertheless, Vic all both told us the girl isn’t the most beautiful and probably has Cookie Lyon level appetite for carnage, which might lead some to ask questions, but it just adds to the mystique for me. We usually can’t describe what makes us so attached to these girls. But now that Vic had led the way, maybe some of us can find some adjectives.

You’re on your own on that “it ain’t my fault, I want you both” part though, Vic. I won’t be joining that bandwagon anytime soon.

Still, thanks Vic.

By PennedMusingsNG for Urban Central, follow him on Twitter @Weird_Liberal

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