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Business is an organism that requires numerous functional tentacles to be fully and positively operational. Several departments have to fully implement their work plans and even sometimes more hilariously, departments like Legal and marketing have to spend their respective budgets to be endorsed as functional. These tentacles have to be at simultaneous par with each other but sometimes, people miss the fundamental issue in the entire conversation; products and services.

Companies seem preoccupied with sharing resemblance with companies of similar status in setting, construction and size, placing pressure on employees to function when none is needed. More interested in having Ronaldo endorse their products on twitter than actually having a product that appeals to customers.

TSTV is the latest object of contemporary Nigeria’s raucous affection. Even though, it’s easy to realize this appeal is by nature ephemeral to endear their product to consumers, as prices will definitely soar over the next year, it’s easier to see the reason why they’re making waves — Naspers has been milking Nigerians for 20 years now, extortion.

For 3000, these guys offer some outrageous packages in sports, movies, entertainment and all that with an extra 100GB free on it. If that’s not good, Shawarma is trash. But it’s not really not TSTV here, it’s about what they represent.

Despite seemingly having packages to rival DSTV in some areas, they haven’t tried to match DSTV’s rates or even tried to get close to it. They recognize the fundamental requirement for a successful business is a great, endearing product that will set itself.

They also recognize that cost effectiveness is the new way for any business. Even if you have a great product, make it affordable and you recoup the cost of production on it. I can guarantee you even if you just make 20% profit on it, it’s all about the number of sales, not the price in itself. Usually, companies project the vain nature of humanity to products by unnecessarily selling products and services at a premium because they feel it confers that exclusivity and “bourgeoisie”, “I belong” feeling. While humanity is usually naturally inclined to endorse expensive things as quality, affordable products stand the test of time. There’s more to business than selling a way of life people want to believe they’re living; there’s need too. If your product is cost effective, the quality of your product gets amplified.

Another great win for TSTV is that they’ve not based their pre launch on a labored ad campaign. *rolls eyes* Personally, I’m not a big fan of ad campaigns especially celebrity endorsements. I feel they could be necessary, not necessary outright. I never understand the need to have Ronaldo tweet about your product for 5 million retweets. How has that affected your sales?? How will Ronaldo tweeting about a boot make me go buy?? Especially if the boot is bad product or if I’ll get better in similar price range. Personally, I think companies’ appetite for ad campaigns are sometimes misguided. For example, I think the recent YouTube ad campaign is absolutely unnecessary. YouTube sells itself, it doesn’t need a campaign and its one of the examples of companies absolutely jerking off. TSTV has used its product allure and cost effectiveness to woo customers through simple social media trend and its been a touch down at the super bowl so far.

Nevertheless, a great undoing of companies is unnecessarily bloating costs after they generate a decent customer base, testing loyalty and offering nothing in return. It’s cheap overconfidence and it’s a simple product of greed by way of capitalism. While I expect TSTV to increase prices soon, increasing by anything more than 30% for the highest bouquet will be stupid and they wouldn’t have been different. They will sell themselves if they keep the pricing moderate and insanely cheap and it might not even really matter, considering the completeness of DSTV’s channels.

Yes, Nigerians love living more than their means, but the truly rich belong in the top 1%. I can guarantee TSTV they’ll have 70% of Nigerian satellite homes if deliver on their promise and keep it cheap. Not for me, but for the sake of business. Companies have gotten the issue of pricing wrong for years now.

So far though, TSTV is doing great. But it’s all about the finishing, not start up.

By PennedMusingsNG for Urban Central @Weird_Liberal on Twitter

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