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As we saunter into the second half of the year, the average rocker can agree that the first half of the year was below par in terms of the quality of albums and singles that were released. The accomplished acts don’t have anything to prove anymore, so they’ve grown extremely lazy. In times like this I usually grope for upcoming acts or underground artists that are eager to impress. So, after much digging, I’ve managed to compile a list of under appreciated artistes which I feel are good enough to enter your playlist.

Jaymes Young

The 25 year old singer from Seattle, Washington has been on my radar for quite some time now, ever since I heard his EP “Dark Star” in 2014. So, when he finally dropped his debut album “Feel Something” last month, I was overjoyed. And he didn’t disappoint, the album exceeded my rather high expectations.
Tracks you should look out for; “Infinity” (my favorite), “Stone” (A soulful ballad) and “Feel Something”.

Dean Lewis

The Australian indie pop singer released his debut extended play (EP) this year (May) titled “Same Kind Of Different”. After hearing his song “Waves” earlier this year I started paying close attention to his works. Top quality, I must admit. You should give him a listen. Tracks to look out for; “Waves”, “Need You Now”, “Let Go”


The Icelandic singer-songwriter delivers yet again with another slow paced melancholic album (his second English-language release). The album is like a window to the inner workings of his poetic mind. In comparison to his debut album “In the Silence”, “Afterglow” shows how his sound has matured both in complexity and quality. Sedative and soothing like staring into a night sky colored with the glow of the Northern Lights.
Tracks to look out for; “Afterglow”, “Stardust”, “Dreaming”


I stumbled across this Irish indie artist out of pure luck, which I’m eternally indebted to. His debut album “Wild Alee” which was released earlier this year is a fine blend of electronic pop and soulful ballads. His sound reminds me of the duo “Aquilo”.
Tracks to look out for; “In Time”,
“Odyssey”, “Runaway”.

New Releases You Should Cop

  1. “Brother” by Kodaline

Spanking new single from the boys from Ireland.

2. “Heartbreak” By Lady Antebellum

Brand new album from the American country pop trio. Their seventh studio album.
Tracks to look out for; “Hurt”, “Home”, “Teenage Heart”.

3. “Seasons” By Greyson Chance

New single from Greyson Chance. Ever since he broke into the entertainment industry in 2010, he has always been under the radar. For such a talented young artist, it breaks my heart every time.

4. “Praying” By Kesha

Brand new single from her upcoming album “Rainbow”. A breath of fresh air I must add, this tune is different from her usual electronic pop sounds.

5. “Close Your Eyes” By The All-American Rejects

New single from their upcoming album slated for release later this year.

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