The Hangover, Happy Endings and A Possibility of The L.O.S Reunion… The Ephemeral Nature of Fandom

The Hangover trilogy isn’t just a conglomerate of scenes with depictions of rib cracking buffoonery perpetuated by friends. At its core The Hangover is a cinematic depiction of what it means for buddies to stick together, prevail over whatever and arrive at a happy ending, this central -albeit silent- theme is chief among the reasons why the movies resonated with a ton of people. There was also the crazy antics of Mr Chow to boost.

Fictional characters aside, we all love a happy ending or the idea of one, and if the omens of August 5th 2017 at the Lemon Curd stage are interpreted correctly, we are in for a treat, we may have an L.O.S reunion.

Boy bands never had any problem warming their way into our hearts and L.O.S consisting of Bridge, Bris B, Tomi Thomas and Yung (KingZamir) weren’t about to ruin a track record of distinction set by Junior and Pretty, Trybesmen, Plantashun Boyz, KC Presh and P-Square. They had that youthful edge necessary for captivating audiences and they unapologetically created songs that mirrored the stretch of teenage-hood. Already making waves in Lagos, wider audiences caught major wind of them in 2011 after the release of the Shank assisted Magic, a catchy dedication to all the girls that caught our eyes with irresistible magic, the video captured the honesty and purity associated teenage romance complete with blushes, and glancing stares, long before Baby by Justin Bieber. The Nigerian teens and adolescents welcomed them with open arms,for this was before them a group to soundtrack teenage emotions, wild club outings or even a first kiss.

Fronted by Storm Records and BankHead Music L.O.S made progress towards fulfilling their potential with the 2 Punch Combo release of Bad Guy P and On Fire . The former had a video patterned after a heist with a stellar cast including Tec, Ghost and Dammy Krane with Clarence Peters behind the lens. Bobby Boulders took it to the club for his visual interpretation of On Fire and it was safe to assume that L.O.S had arrived.

An impressive collection of talent, these guys were like the heralded Manchester United Class of 92,Young (KingZamir) and Bridge were responsible for bringing the Bars straight with an impressive delivery to rival DHL and Postman Pat, BrisB equally adept at rapping usually mixed it up with that melodic, sing-sung approach that is now ubiquitous and Tomi Thomas’ crooning and soulful ways was everything we loved about Jagged Edge and Ginuwine. Together they were poised to conquer as these guys weren’t just stuck on a method, they constantly mixed it up to give listeners a refreshing experience, artists who took an on-hands approach as Bridge’s name often popped up on the production credits.

The group made giant strides in 2012 before management woes reared its head in 2013 and they parted ways with BankHead Music by mutual consent and created L.O.S Music, 2013 wasn’t all doom and gloom as clear skies were sighted with the remix of Bad Guy P, Sarkodie and Banky W were impressive as ever with Mr W arguably stealing the show.

In a sharp turn of events, L.O.S material was difficult to come by in the following years, we got For Daddy and Wish you could Stay as probably the last collective offering from them for a very long time, the reason? Your guess is as good as mine, we can opine that maybe schooling and other commitments have played a part in limiting the LOS collective. Tomi Thomas for example has been vocal about his method of juggling schooling and his musical career.

Over the years we’ve had odd sightings of the boys individually but not so much of musical offerings as a group. From the materials that have surfaced through their solo efforts, we know that apart from the new hairstyles, a glaring maturity is evident, as well as the fact that these guys have grown and developed themselves.

Zamir and Bridge have evolved beyond rappers, they are now adept at acute sounding music that is a testament to growth.

BrisB continues to defy tags placed on him and if you peep his SoundCloud you would be amazed at the quality of diversity on offer.

Tomi Thomas especially has perfected his ways and has hit a certain patch of introspective soulfulness clearly felt when you listen to his Patience EP and sample his groovy neon-esque appearances on SDC’s Palm Wine EP by way of What You Want and on Lady Donli’s Ice Cream.

With the boys branching out and discovering themselves, an L.O.S reunion is a platform for a showcase of that growth, a possibility we are hoping will became a reality and indeed a cherished happy ending. There’s a recent wave of creatives who are poised to take over from the gatekeepers or “bust down the gates”, Loud On Sound began that charge years ago with sounds that are neat, futuristic and most importantly aging well, a reunion would definitely be akin to a Voltron like assembly and fusion.

It’s no secret that the industry is a jealous broad that craves attention, L.O.S have starved her of that attention - due to no fault of theirs - so it remains to be seen if she’ll welcome them with open arms or if we’d see a physical manifestation of the phrase “out of sight is out of mind”.The underlying issue they represent is the ephemeral state of fan loyalty in the entertainment; one minute you’re the shit, everyone hailing you as the new ewa riro in town, the next you’re a stranger having to prove yourself all over again, because you had to complete some other equally pertinent engagement. Relevance is fundamental to success in music 80% of the time; you’re in conversations. LOS have the burden of proof because they left the airwaves for studies and that’s no mean feat, even if you have all the talent in the world. Music is constatly evolving in Nigeria yearly, and that means more sophisticated and brutal metrics of judgement, especially of unfamiliar sounds.

LOS begs the question of how to stay relevant in music while you have other pertinent engagements, and i say to each his own. Regardless, some concepts are fundamental and they include dropping some good work every now and then, social media relevance and maybe some features. This might be a tough ask considering the weight of balancing two lives, but it comes down to passion. If you have a passion for it, it will push you to achieve beyond the average human beings in daring and results. If you’re going to do anything though, however sporadic, it must be top quality.

There’s also the argument, on the process LOS will adopt, they’ve always had their special approach and therefore made music that stood out on the Sonic soundscape.

I have the utmost confidence that they’ll be no deviation from a formula that worked so well,and I hope the ghost of the Storm and Bank Head music management drama is banished forever. Overall I pray we get to witness the buddies reunite and indeed a happy ending.

By Nico,the resident trouble maker at Urban Central, you can follow him on Twitter @WordsByAG

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