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The SFTOS album/tape is his 3rd full length project as an artist


While the house and I were having a roundtable discussion in our WhatsApp group (please read Secret Headquarters) (lol), one of us said and I quote “I love the cover art idea..”. In music, the art is key. It must sell itself — simple but yet complex to achieve for beauty and substance like Kanye West’s YEEZUS album cover. Team Wizkid created something nice and simple for the cover of this tape and as such we have to respect them for that even though it wasn’t quit unique or anything. Well done.


Even with a fantastic artwork my brother/sister whoever is reading this, if you don’t give us good songs, you are still crap. BANGDARARANG! I took my liberty to listen and download this album and not just listen, I took a pen and paper and rated each song over then and created an average, thus giving me a general average score for the album in total and I will share them with you:

SFTOS = 5.7


There is nothing spectacular about this album. It feels like a collation of singles to test the waters and if we’re going to be honest, it’s not quite there.

Urban Central Rating: Tier 3 — #HomeTheatre

Logic: The initial rating was scored on 10, Urban Central Ratings are scored on 5. Thus, it was divided into 2 for which it scored about 2.7, which we have rounded up to 3.



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