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All About Urban Company’s Unparalleled Cleaning Training Program

At Urban Company, our endeavor is to empower millions of professionals worldwide and deliver high-quality services. Therefore, training plays a critical role in transforming our partners into professionals.

Cleaning is a sensitive service as it requires our professionals to spend a long time at a customer’s place and, hence, Urban Company has a uniquely-designed training program that covers everything — from a partner’s practical training to his or her communication skills.

The cleaning training program is divided into 4 stages — screening, training, practical and the final examination.

Let’s understand what each stage comprises:

1. Screening

This is the stage where the candidates are tested on their experience as well as their intent and willingness to learn and deliver high-quality services.

2. Training

This is the stage where the main learning happens. Training is a 3–4 day program that comprises of UC’s standard operating procedure. Here, the partners are trained on hard skills as well as soft skills. Hard skills include identifying the different kind of stains, removing of these stains, understanding the types of chemicals used etc. Soft skills include learning how to talk to customers, communication skills etc.

The UC partner app is the only point of contact between our partners and our customers and, hence, it is critical to give enough knowledge and information to our partners about our app. This is done by making our partners use a dummy application that covers everything from knowing how to pick a job to how to mark leave of absence and how to reach the partner helpline as and when required.

3. Practical

At UC, a lot of effort and emphasis is given on practical training as that is where the real experience of doing a job begins. In this stage, the candidates showcase all their learnings at our training center. This helps the candidates in understanding the job procedure, communication with customers, usage of chemicals, etc.

4. Final Examination

In this final stage, the candidates are tested on the basis of their technical knowledge and soft skills.

Once the candidates are approved by the training team, they become our partners whom we proudly call Urban Company Professionals.

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