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One of the key pillars to empower service professionals at Urban Company is by ensuring improved earnings. According to our latest Urban Company Earnings Index for H2 2022, service professionals associated with the Urban Company platform continue to benefit from steady earnings, improved livelihood, and wealth creation tools.


  • Top 20% Urban Company partners earned an average of about INR 40,000 per month, net of commissions, and other costs in OND 2022.
  • Net average earnings for partners completing >30 orders in a month was INR 30,000.
  • Urban Company partners earned an average of INR 304 per hour, net of commissions, fees, product costs and travel costs.
  • 500 service partners were granted company stocks worth INR 5.2 Cr. in November 2022.

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Urban Company Earnings Index for H2 CY 2022

In H2 2022, Urban Company partners earned an average of INR 304 per hour (net of commissions, fee and all associated product & travel costs).

Monthly earnings for the top 20% of service partners in H2 2022 was INR 38,920, net of all commissions, fee and associated costs. This is 2.5% up from the earnings of the top 20% of service partners in H1 2022.

Monthly Earnings of Top 20% Partners in OND 2022 is INR 40,000
Monthly Earnings of Partners who completed >30 orders in OND 2022 is INR 30,000

Highlights of H2 2022

  1. Grant of Company Stocks to UC Partners: In November 2022, Urban Company awarded company stocks worth INR 5.2 Cr. to about 500 partners across India, under the Partner Stock Option Plan (PSOP). Of these 500 partners, 30% are females, and 7 partners were second-time recipients due to their consistent high performance.

2. Continued Focus on Improved Livelihood: All active partners continue to benefit from access to personal loans, life and accidental insurance cover, health insurance cover of INR 1 lac and up to 12 free medical consultations per year. All UC Plus service partners get health insurance cover of INR 2 lac for all (including family medical insurance for spouse and two children).

3. 4,500+ Hours of Health, Safety & Personal Finance Workshops:

  • In collaboration with Max Healthcare, Apollo Spectra and Project Baala, a social enterprise, we conducted pan-India virtual health workshops for all Urban Company partners.
  • We also partnered with Project StepOne, a non-profit startup, to conduct safety workshops on the importance of wearing helmets for service partners traveling by two-wheelers to deliver jobs.
  • Gender sensitization workshops were held, in collaboration with Manas Foundation, a Delhi-based NGO, for close to 376 service partners across 6 cities.
  • 14 personal finance workshops were conducted in partnership with Knowise Learning Academy, a financial training institution, across 8 cities for over 1,085 service partners.

Urban Company Tops Fairwork Ranking for Indian Gig Platforms

According to the Fairwork India Ratings 2022: Labour Standards in the Platform Economy report, Urban Company ranked the highest by scoring 7/10. The platforms were rated on fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management and fair representation, among other clauses.

The Fairwork India team is spearheaded by the Centre for IT and Public Policy (CITAPP) and International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B), in association with Oxford University.

Read the full report here.

Table 1: Net earnings for all Urban Company partners in India for H2 CY 2022

Table 2: Net earnings for all Urban Company partners in India for Q3 & Q4 CY 2022

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