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Urban Company partners with Saudi’s leading beauty services provider Baheya to bring unparalleled at-home services in the region

Urban Company, Asia’s largest tech-enabled home services marketplace, has entered into a partnership with Baheya, the largest salon chain in Riyadh. With this, Urban Company aims to be a household name for beauty services at home by enabling its partner salons and beauty professionals to deliver services like never before.

With quality services that are assured from Urban Company and years of experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Baheya, the home services sector is poised to expand. Aside from the currently offered salon and spa services, Urban Company is also extending its range of services to include hair, lash, and nail extensions.

Baheya, the only salon chain in Riyadh that provides services 24x7, has 250 beauticians offering top services and quality products for over 16 years in Saudi Arabia. Since the two businesses partnered in 2021, Baheya has given Urban Company beauticians and products while also obtaining the highest quality leadership and training for its staff from the platform. Urban Company handpicks the best beauticians from Baheya’s staff and further provides extensive training which enables them to give unparalleled at-home services. The beauticians carry the entire set-up and products from top brands to ensure a complete salon-like experience at home.

On the partnership, Nitesh Agarwal, Region Head, Middle East, Urban Company, said, “Urban Company is committed to offering exceptional, high quality at-home services to its customers across geographies. We are delighted to partner with Baheya in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are confident that with Baheya’s proven market experience we will be a pioneer in delivering highest quality services to our customers in the region. With this partnership, Urban Company will continue to live up to its vision of providing high-quality and delightful at-home services to customers.”

Urban Company has pioneered delivering highest quality services by offering intensive training and selecting best-in-class products. Currently, Urban Company is live with salon and spa services in Riyadh, which include services such as waxing, facials, nails, lash extensions, hair styling, and massage all of which will be extended to Jeddah by the end of this year.

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