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IPoP Ljubljana
Aug 7, 2017 · 2 min read

Institute for Spatial Policies — IPoP is a non-governmental, consulting and research organisation in the field of sustainable spatial and urban development. We focus on participatory processes, urban regeneration, sustainable mobility, and new spatial practices. We:

- connect NGOs and local initiatives and offer them professional support and information,

- conduct research, carry out studies, advise on project development, and help form partnerships,

- lead participatory processes,

- train for participation in spatial planning,

- engage in policy making and strive for better legislation with an impact on spatial development,

- disseminate information about sustainable spatial and urban development and react to topical issues.

IPoP is registered as an NGO acting in the public interest in the field of environment.

Links to own texts or projects

New ideas for old buildings

Walking school bus initiative

Creative Urban Regeneration (book)

Exploring Ljubljana’s neighbourhoods on Jane’s Walk. May 2016, GPS: 46.076882, 14.522574. Photo: Luka Vidic
Participation in practice, May 2016, GPS: 46.063808, 14.523838, Photo: Luka Vidic
Walking school bus in Ljubljana, organised by IPoP, May 2016, GPS: 46.073134, 14.470740, Photo, Lea Benčina

Links to other projects

Mreža za prostor - a network for spatial development (of NGOs) in Slovenia

Jane’s Walk in Slovenia - coordinated by IPoP

URBACT network - in Slovenia currently led by IPoP


Participation, urban regeneration, sustainable mobility, NGO, urban research, urban policy…

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