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A bridge too far

That one time I ran every bridge in Manhattan, and what I learned doing it

by Marcin Wichary

  • I could run in the mornings or evenings to avoid crowds,
  • I am here for a week which should give me enough time,
  • bridges are not that long and only slightly curved, and
  • there’s only what, three, maybe four Manhattan-bound ones?
The bridges of Manhattan

1 & 2.

Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan Bridge

June 30, 7am
3½ miles

3 & 4.

Henry Hudson Bridge
Broadway Bridge

July 1, 3pm
2½ miles


Williamsburg Bridge

July 2, 6:30am
1.2 miles

6 & 7.

George Washington Bridge
Washington Bridge

July 3, 7:20am
2½ miles


Macombs Dam Bridge
145th Street Bridge
Madison Avenue Bridge
3rd Avenue Bridge
Willis Avenue Bridge
Wards Island Bridge

July 4, 8am
5½ miles


University Heights Bridge

July 5, 7:30am
0.3 miles

15 & 16.

Queensboro Bridge
Roosevelt Island Bridge

July 5, 8:40am
2.7 miles




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