Urban explorations
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Urban explorations

Everything you wanted to know about San Francisco’s finest flatiron

Mr. Phelan’s building


“The gore corner”

The first Phelan Building

The 1906 earthquake


“Rents have been made moderate”

The construction of the second Phelan Building

The Phelan Building in 1908 vs. The Phelan Building in 2014

The stores

The offices


“So many hours a day are spent by a business man in his office.”

The building frame

The basement

Other floors

The mail chute


“A trouble maker, especially when he had money”

Crime and accidents in the Phelan Building


“The shortest commute in town”

The mystery of the penthouse


Visiting in person


“One thing is for sure, there will be screens”

The Phelan Building tenants as of April 2014



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