Give Me More Tea

I stopped setting goals for the year a long time ago. Goals put pressure on you. I prefer to think of the year ahead with wishes and desires. One might argue, aren’t they the same as goals? Not quite. Wishlist is close to the goal list, but it has less of a to-do feel and allows for more silly things, or things that you are not certain about. Strangely, when I look at my wishlists from the previous year, I see all (or almost all) of the things on the list came true. Last year, my list was bigger and quite insane. Funny thing is, big things happened in 2016, exceeding my wishes. For 2017, as I set out writing the wishlist, there were not many things on it, but they were good!

For the first time, I didn’t have career on my mind. The baby is a huge blob on the list, with no specifics: you know, just love her, make her happy, make yourself happy with her. A strange and unexpected thing on the list was tea.

Why tea? I asked myself. Well, just because it brings me pleasure. I’ve always loved tea, but I never came to learning much about it. In the upcoming months, I want to learn more about tea, explore it like one explores the wine, maybe (tea lovers are going to hate me for this comparison). I want to drink more kinds of tea, and find out which ones I love.

What triggered the wish was, I think, that in the past few months, the last weeks of pregnancy and then after the baby was born, I mostly spend my time at home. With the unpredictable schedule of the day, I started valuing small pleasures even more. And here comes the tea. A little ritual that requires concentration and calmness. There’s something quiet and simple about tea, something that rings close.

Right now, at home I have a bunch of teas whose name I don’t know, regular supermaket ceylon teas, as well as da hong pao and luan guapian. Oh, and matcha. This is where I begin.