City Rebels Podcast — Episode 1: Anthony Townsend

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Dec 16, 2019 · 3 min read
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We sat down with Anthony back in November 2018 in the InfraLab, when he was visiting Berlin.

“You can continue planning to run your city with the same methods and the same people and same organizations — but disruption is gonna happen again and again and again.“ (Anthony Townsend, City Rebels Podcast Episode 1)

The First Episode

Listen to the first episode of City Rebels here.

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In our first ever episode of City Rebels we kick off with an outstanding guest: Anthony Townsend (Twitter: @anthonymobile)
Listening to our interview which we recorded back in November 2018 in the InfraLAB you will understand why Anthony is a real city rebel to us. His understanding and takes on smart cities have started way back when he was in college. For him, a smart city has always been more than big players implementing a new technology into the city’s infrastructure or government. Since he has been looking at the topic of information and communication for more than twenty years so no wonder he brought out his first book “SMART CITIES: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia” in 2014, discussing the use of big data and digitalization of our cities, and their transformation into smart cities.
Besides publishing his first book, Anthony’s recent research has covered the future of automated and autonomous vehicles (AVs), the urban science movement, big data and inclusion. One of his latest projects has been The Autonomous Vehicles: Future Scenarios supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies as part of the Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles and NLC.
This episode is all about smart cities and new technologies.

Podcast Shownotes

This episode is all about smart cities and new technologies. Discover with us:

  • What Smart Cities has to do with the 2008 Financial Crisis and what led to Anthony writing his first book “Smart Cities“
  • How different parts of the world approach the smart city movement
  • The three giants Uber, Amazon and Airbnb and their impact on our cities
  • How new mobility is changing real estate models
  • Why we should talk more about last meter rather than last mile logistics
  • What watershed management has to do with autonomous driving
  • E-Scooters in our cities and their potential for automation
  • The Autonomous Vehicles: Future Scenarios — Booklets
  • What potentials Anthony sees in Berlin in terms of future technologies
  • Anthony’s current work on his new book: Ghost Road: Beyond the Driverless Car

The Artwork behind our Podcast

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We’ve been discussing the artwork of our podcast for a while and were amazed by the idea Dominik came up with. If you take a closer look, you might be able to spot a few more city rebels in the built environment, such as Radbahn. Not to to say too much, but we didn’t know we actually have a real Picasso amongst us.

About this Podcast

We are Urban Impact, an agency from Berlin, scouting, connecting and helping urban tech startups to grow in Europe. Through our work we have been getting into touch with real change makers, people, that shape our cities, think forward and make a real difference to us. We call those people “city rebels”, just like our Podcast. Working with people, talking to them made us realize, how many amazing stories are out there, which we want to share with you.

Feel free to send us a mail at if you believe you are a city rebel or simply want to reach out to us.

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Urban Impact

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