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Ryan Lo

Nov 13, 2020

5 min read

Youth Engagement in the Age of COVID

How we got youth to help shape a future downtown, online, in 90 minutes.

March Break was just about to begin in Ontario. (CBC.ca)

The Covid Pivot

Zoom fatigue was becoming a real issue — many of us were getting tired of being in video calls all day. (theconversation.com)

Social Media Campaign: Dream. Share. Win.

We designed a series of Instagram posts and stories to promote the online Design Jam event.
Participants pitched their ideas using Google Jamboard during our online Design Jam.

Extracting Key Themes

  1. Social gathering spaces for people of all ages
  2. Active transportation infrastructure that connects the social spaces
  3. Public art and cultural events that are interesting to youth
  4. Access to open and green spaces
  5. More urban and diverse community through residential and commercial development